Planning a new digital marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at what statistics suggest

With the inception of the internet, digital marketing seemingly occupied a prime position over the conventional styles of marketing efforts comprising television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. And today it has become an integral part of online businesses and activities without which nothing is possible to achieve. The way it is progressing and becoming popular shows its contribution to the field. That is also one reason why data indicate that in two years, 75% of the overall marketing budget will focus on digital marketing instead of traditional.

A comprehensive digital effort involves email, social media, content, mobile, display advertising, customer satisfaction, and SEO marketing among others. So in this article, you will get an insight into different statistics relating to marketing platforms and strategies for 2019 so that you can build your plan accordingly. 

Social media

Social networking channels have uniquely redefined customer habits. It brings you close to your users so that you can learn about their behavior; enables you to create a strong presence of your brand; and boosts conversion of your products and services. There is a vast scope to improve your efforts here and hence, using a few data points shared here can help you target your campaigns the best way.

According to statistics, about 49% of the American internet population seeks customer service support through their social accounts for the ease of accessibility. And 28% of the social media account holders in the US prefer to interact with brands online rather than visiting their brick-and-mortar address. 

Also, Facebook’s smartphone user base is more than 1.66 billion strong in terms of monthly traffic, and of the total number of the global users on Facebook, people from North America seem to top the list.

Content marketing

Content has always been the talking point in digital marketing campaigns. From its length to information to the presentation, everything garners a substantial amount of attention as to what might work and what might go against it in rankings. However, with some sound knowledge of the kind of trends and patterns that worked or may work in this field, you can build a confident marketing strategy around it.

According to one of the reputable American web designing and development firms, businesses and individuals are banking on long and visually appealing blog posts while an average readership time spent by an individual is somewhere 37 seconds. Also, 2 to 5 blogs go live every month.

Another thing is that interactive content is going to dominate the space as 75% of internet marketers emphasize on it compared to about 24% of them who don’t want to change their existing strategy. 

Besides, 69% of organizations are willing to increase their video spending, and 81% of marketers focusing on using written content more. The use of infographics is going to play a critical role in the overall look, feel, and substance of the content, and there cannot be any doubts about it as it witnessed nearly 800% rise the past year. About 28% of digital experts also show intent to use podcasting in their marketing strategies for brands and businesses.

Mobile devices

With Google also insisting on the mobile-friendliness of the online properties, one thing is clear that you cannot ignore this segment if you wish to enjoy the leadership position in your field of specialization. So, here are a few takeaways for you from mobile marketing trends.

  • More than half of the total searches account for traffic from mobile users.
  • About 80% of the online population uses or have access to smartphones.
  • About 53% of email-marketing campaigns find their readership on mobile devices.
  • Mobile users spend about 80% of their time on social networking channels. The use of mobile devices has significantly increased in 2019 with people choosing to spend more time on their social accounts compared to desktop ones. In this context, it is vital to note that nearly 95% of Americans have mobile phones and of them, 77% arguably have a smartphone. 

Additionally, if you are aware of this, studies claim that 61% of users will not use a mobile site again if they faced any difficulty with it and 40% of them would instead visit a competitor site. So, make sure your mobile site has no glitches as you would neither want to lose your users nor want them to divert to a competitor. 

Email marketing

Email marketing has been a part of digital marketing campaigns for a long time. If you have never used it to its optimum potential or thinking of revamping your efforts in this area, then do make a note that with the correct approach, you can expect it to boost your ROI by 3,800% to 4400%.  Another astounding insight is that there were only 4.1 billion active email accounts in 2014 across the globe, while this number can likely touch 5.6 billion by the end of 2019. 

In other statistics, it has come to the light that some particular days of a week are most favorable for email campaigns, such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, some experts point out that to avoid a crowd, you can try it on Monday and Friday. Also, post office hours or the time between 6 pm and 11 pm are considered to be the best period for this activity as it can witness around 24% open rate.

However, inevitable mistakes in this area can prove costly, such as grammatical errors. Use of capital letters in subject matter or irregular fonts, or overuse of punctuation, etc., can put your receivers off.

Search engine optimization

The role of SEO has been debatable all through the ages, but eventually, people are waking up to its benefits in their digital marketing strategies. If you want to gain organic traction, you have to be neat with your SEO practices. For that, it is critical to know that American brands and companies spent $72.02 billion on SEO campaigns in 2018. If your website ranks top in SERPs, you can expect to drive 20.5% clicks from there.

So, if you want to make your digital marketing campaigns a success, then considering these factors and utilizing them well can be fruitful. Or hire a recognized internet marketing agency in your city to take advantage of the trends.

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