Presentation Skills for Digital Marketing

Pitch Perfect Presentation Skills — Best Ally for Digital Marketing

Many people do not realize that they can be good speech writers and presenters. Yet every professional needs to master the art of speaking in front of a group of people. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll need to present to clients, investors, partners, etc., at one point in life.

That makes it vital to learn how to present a powerful pitch. The easiest way to learn this for most people is by enrolling in a training course. However, learning isn’t enough but practicing and honing your skill is. This article has some of the skills you need to be a good perfect pitch presenter.

Let’s take a look.

Start Strong

The beginning of your presentation is very critical in giving you the desired results. According to researchers, a human being’s attention span doesn’t stretch past 5 minutes. Therefore, you should take this time to impress and keep your audience with you for the rest of the period.

Grabbing your audience’s attention is as easy as starting strong. Avoid wasting time on introducing yourself and go directly into your presentation. There are several ways you can grab their attention, for instance, using images, videos, anecdotes, etc.

Make a Good First Impression

The impression you make the first time you climb on stage will determine how the rest of the presentation will be. Although you should go straight to the point, you can spare a minute to introduce yourself quickly. You can also introduce the rest of the presenters if you are not alone.

It would also help if you made an impression with your dressing. 

It has to be appropriate for the occasion and make you look professional. How you stand in front of the crowd and control the session also says a lot about you. In general, you should demonstrate your knowledge and leadership abilities.

Understand Your Client

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Knowing who you’re presenting to can make a massive difference in how you present your pitch. It is vital to identify and understand who your audience will be and what their needs are. Know their pain points beforehand and start with addressing them from the onset of your presentation.

It would be best to display your expertise on the topic at hand. Make the listeners understand that you have the solution to their problems. Prepare with facts and figures from reliable sources to strengthen your arguments. That way, they will trust you and be confident with what you say.

Keep It Simple

Complicating a presentation is one big undoing for pitch-perfect presenters. It is vital to understand the key takeaways that you’d like your audience to leave with. Keeping your message short and focusing mainly on these takeaways will give you the best results. Use simple language to pass your message.

Writing down the points you’d like to capture in your pitch will make the difference. State your key message upfront and take a few minutes to give valuable information about it. You should leave out any point that won’t add value or help you reach your goals.

Connect with Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is a critical skill for any pitch-perfect presenter. Your prospects will have a connection with your business if they feel that you care about their needs. Thus, it would help if you did all you can to show that you intend to ensure you both win in the end.

Showing confidence in what you’re doing will also make a difference for you. Do not look or feel anxious or nervous once you’re on stage. Besides, it would be best if you were honest about what you already know of their business. 

Various courses can help you become a better presenter with great skills. You may enroll in soft skills training courses to learn how you can connect with your audience better. For example, influencing skills training can help you become a persuasive speaker. To know how to manage your time during your presentation for speaking and receiving questions, you can take a time management course. A refresher course on these skills is definitely a good idea.

Tell Stories

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Stories have a powerful way of convincing and educating people. Including them in your presentation will make it engaging and will also make it easy to pass information. Humans naturally respond well to positive stories, and you need to ensure that the stories you tell contain positive messages.

It would help if you also made sure that the stories relate to the topic at hand. The more related they will be, the better your audience can recall your presentation’s key points. A good presentation should also come up like a story. Make sure it tells a story about your business.

Implement the 10-20-30 Rule

This rule will guarantee you the best results you can expect from a presentation. As a presenter, you need to ensure that your presentation doesn’t have more than 10 slides. It would help if you also created it to be less than 20 minutes in length to avoid tiring your audience.

The last bit is making sure that it uses 30 points or more fonts. A good combination of these three elements will help you not to bore your audience or overload them with information. Besides, it will help you engage them and pass the message briefly and clearly.

Use Non-verbal Cues

Communication takes different forms – verbal or non-verbal. According to research, 75% of people’s communication is non-verbal. Besides using your voice, you must know how to use your body correctly to pass a message. Thus, it helps to avoid things that could hinder you from non-verbal communication.

For instance, you can avoid things like crossed arms as they prevent you from using gestures. It is also vital to use non-verbal cues confidently when passing a message. Try to be as natural as possible with your communication. That way, you will be more professional and eloquent throughout your presentation.


There’re so many skills that you need to become a good pitch-perfect presenter. Of course, creating amazing content and following a clear structure can result in the best pitch. Now how you implement your perfect pitch will determine whether it brings in the desired outcome or not.

The skills mentioned above are critical for everyone looking to learn pitch-perfect presentation. Follow them keenly to lead your next presentation to success.