4 Most Commonly Needed Tools to Resolve PDF Drawbacks

PDFBear: 4 Most Commonly Needed Tools to Resolve PDF Drawbacks

Do you commonly need more than one tool for fixing PDF issues? Does converting take up too much of your time? Well, you should have something more efficient and updated tools. There are plenty of them on the internet, but be mindful of your chosen website. Most of them require money for a subscription, which is not so ideal. 

Have you heard of PDFBear? Well, it’s an all-in-one PDF website that offers more than twenty web tools for free. So whether you need a converter, compressor, or repairing tool, you can directly switch onto their website to access these tools. The good thing is you don’t need to put out a membership fee on this. A device and internet connection is all you need to have.

We often encounter specific issues with PDF files, so here are the tools you might need to fix those common problems. 

PDF Converter Tool

A converter tool itself, by far, is the most frequently utilized tool everywhere. But PDFBear’s converter tool might be the coolest one. This website makes your work life more convenient because they have all the file converters that you need including PDF merge, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF and vice versa.

As a result, you can forget about the hassle of trying to find specific software and open different tabs. In addition, you’ll never know when you need a converter, so PDFBear operates through a cloud system. It allows you to convert anytime and anywhere as long as you have a file to convert and an internet connection. 

On top of that, it converts so fast that you get to download your file in four steps for two minutes.

Step 1: Go to their website and look for the pre-installed PDF Converter tab. Once you found that, click, and you will be redirected to a PDF converter page. Make sure you have the file ready to upload. Click “Select Files” or drag and drop the file to their server. 

Step 2: Once you’re done uploading the file, choose from the available options. The tool will immediately scan and analyze the file.

Step 3: Click “Convert” and wait for a few seconds to get the final product.

Step 4: In the last step, you can click “download” to save the file to your device.

PDF Merger Tool

Handling PDF files would be much easier when you know you can organize them better. This Merger tool from PDFBear can efficiently save you some storage space without deleting any files. You can simply combine multiple PDF files into a single file. That way, you can view them all simultaneously instead of viewing them one by one. 

This incredible tool supports all operating systems. That being said, you have access to the tool either in Windows, Mac, or Linux. Merging PDF files with PDFBear is effortless and time-saving. Here are four easy steps:

  1. Select the PDF files you want to combine and upload them on their server.
  2. Choose a specific option for merging.
  3. Click “Merge” and wait for a few seconds to get the new file.
  4. Download the newly merged file, save it to your device, or share it with your Google Drive and Dropbox.

PDF Compress

Incompatibilities in sending and uploading files online might be your constant concern. Technically, you can’t do it as long as your file is too large. Compressing it might be the best thing to do. PDFBear’s compressor can reduce up to 70% of a file’s size, and this process doesn’t even take more than two minutes.

Moreover, you may reduce the great size of the file, but it will indeed keep its quality and format the same. PDFBear also makes sure to keep your files safe from unauthorized persons and keep the file exclusively for you. 

PDF Repair

Malware and viruses can corrupt your documents completely. Unfortunately, this is a typical instance for most people, and they end up deleting the damaged file. However, there might be a chance to retrieve your file with the PDFBear repair kit. In two minutes, the system will try to recover your file and get back its original form. But it may or may not be 100% guaranteed.


Those tools, as mentioned earlier, might be the most important tools to employ with your PDF files. Choosing reliable software includes its credibility and accessibility as a significant way of improving your productivity rating. Moreover, learn more about amazing features of PDFBear by visiting their website.