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Everyone has their own thing that excites them. For one, it could be playing soccer with close friends, and others love reading. If you like to see your Instagram posts hitting incredible engagement rates, then there’s at least one thing we have in common (yay!).

Instagram users could be divided into two main groups.

#1 The ‘creators’ side of Instagram: people who upload content on this platform regularly and enjoy watching their audience engaging with it, thus witnessing the mouth-to-ear effect taking place where the interaction with their posts rises gradually, yet steadily (we don’t know if there’s any feeling superior to it, really!). If this type of user just doesn’t sound like you, maybe you belong to the second group:

#2 The ‘consumers’ team: you prefer to spend your time on Instagram looking for entertainment on-demand rather than providing such moments, and you’re always on the lookout for new pages in your favorite niches to follow.

It doesn’t matter where you stand, if you wish to take your Instagram experience to the next level (or make your story uploads as trending as possible, for one), and enjoy the potential perks of being an Instagram star, this article’s meant for you.

Upgrade Your Instagram Presence With These Useful Strategies’

Hone Your Content’s Visual Aspects

Instagram has built its reputation as one of the most trending social platforms today due to the valuable place it holds for high-quality photos and visual content in general. Therefore, becoming viral on this platform is literally impossible unless we genuinely ‘wow’ our current audience/passersby to whom our IG page might be what they’ve been looking for all this time. How to gain this desired ‘wow’ effect, you wonder? In a nutshell, we have to use every Instagram effect at our disposal to make our photo/video more appealing and fun to watch. Who knows, maybe what separates your next post from being featured on the Explore page is some aesthetic effect to apply (rather than buying Instagram followers). 

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Healthy competition is about learning from your competitors’ success and failure and leveraging these to your advantage. By a quick once-over of your competitors’ page and their statistics (namely, how many likes, comments, etc., they hit), there’s a lot you can learn! Firstly, by seeing which type of content performs sufficiently, you could copy this concept and hope it will do wonders on your page just as well. This is one of the go-to actions we take when we run out of ideas for new content, and any influencer out there would tell you the very same thing.

Share More, Get More!

Although it’s one of the simplest and easy-to-follow principles in digital marketing, not many people adopt it. By cross-promoting your Instagram content on other platforms, you’ll get your page noticed quite effortlessly and give a shoutout to people who don’t follow you just yet to start doing so because staying tuned is everything on social media.

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