Microsoft UK Software

Microsoft is a global corporation that develops, licenses, manufactures, and encourages a wide variety of services and products which prevalently computer-related. Microsoft corporation was established by Paul Allen and Bill Gates and is located in Redmond, USA. On account of its size and scope, the company comprises a wide range of topics that mostly revolve around the products and services of the company as well as its critical analysis.

What are its main products?

Microsoft corporation develops a large number of software for personal computers. The best-known software of Microsoft is Windows operating system, the Visual Studio IDE, the family of Microsoft Office which has the range of services plus productivity software. The company also introduces video games and publishes books, through Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft Press respectively. It also produces a line of hardware on its own.


Some of the most famous and most useful software development tools from Microsoft include the following:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Bosque
  • Citus Data
  • CLR Profiler
  • GitHub
  • IronRuby
  • IronPython
  • Jscript
  • Microsoft Liquid Motion
  • Microsoft BASIC
  • Microsoft MACRO-80
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler
  • Microsoft Small Basic
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • Microsoft XNA
  • Microsoft WebMatrix
  • Power Apps
  • QBasic and QuickBASIC
  • The AppleSoft Compiler (TASC)
  • TypeScript
  • VBScript
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows API
  • Windows SDK
  • WordBASIC
  • Xbox Development Kit


Since its beginning, Microsoft has come a long way through a series of successions. Today, it is the most famous and well-known company to develop Personal Computer software that is used by million and trillions of people worldwide. Here are the top 10 products and services from Microsoft corporation.

1 Windows 95:

Windows 95 tops the list of software and products offered by Microsoft. Program Manager, Windows File Manager, Print Manager, Windows Explorer, Dynamic Interface, and great functionality are the main reasons for its great success. The multicultural version of DOS and Windows came with Internet Explorer and supported built-in internet. Its interface was so excellent that every succeeding version of Windows uses this original user interface with some upgradations. It was introduced at the time of dot com boom and helped to connect the World Wide Web to the millions of users for the first time. The impact created through Windows 95 will continue to remain evident till eternity.

2 Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is a product that Microsoft corporation offers and has the potential to be the future of the company. It is a cloud web service that offers app services, virtual machines, SQL, storage, database, development tools, frameworks, and much more for professionals and businesses. It is used by almost 95% of Fortune 500 companies and offers extraordinary vertical and horizontal scalability that corporations and enterprises are striving constantly for. It operates as an IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service), SAAS (Software As A Service) as well as PAAS (Platform As A Service.

3 Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer was released in 1995 and still going quite well. Though Microsoft Edge has replaced it, many professionals still opt to use it for maintaining the compatibility for some older websites. It is also the default web browser with all the versions of Windows.

4 Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office was released following the precursor of Microsoft Word, Excel, and then Powerpoint during the mid-1980s. Although three of these programs were released separately, Microsoft Office released in 1995 contained three of these as well as other programs such as Access, Binder, and Schedule+. Te everyday consumers, as well as professionals, utilize these programs to create, edit, and manage content globally.

5 Xbox:

Xbox was introduced back in 2001 to feature online games service. With the release of Xbox, players can compete each other even when they are not at the same place physically. There was a buddy list system as well as an instinctive user interface. The succeeding version, the Xbox 360 contained all these and more features and introduced in November 2005. Xbox changed the fate of multiplayer games and proved that communities of online gaming could prevail in the gaming inspirit. Later, with the unleashing of a webcam, Kinect, gamers could play with oral commands and motion gestures.

6 Visual Studio:

Microsoft Visual Studio is a useful tool to develop mobile applications, computer programs, and web services. The first-ever Microsoft Visual Studio was introduced in 1997 and gave great flexibility to the developers through its toolkit that created a better experience overall. It provided several angles with numerous development languages, tools, and frameworks. 

7 Microsoft Solitaire:

In the 1990s, when computer mice were becoming popular, Microsoft adopted the mice for the mouse and pointer method to navigate the GUI of Windows. There arouse an issue that average users were not adopted to use a mouse and were facing difficulties. Microsoft coped up with this problem with the introduction of the Solitaire card game. This game helped users to learn the use of a mouse including click, move, drag, and drop i.e., the basic actions and motions required to use a mouse.


Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) was the beginning OS for IBM PCs back in the 1980s and 90s. It is a typical interface having simple and neutral colors that combined many systems and user interfaces before the visual OS. Due to this fact, the new interfaces are more widely used and are more attractive among mainstream users.

9 Bing:

Bing is a search engine not as popular as Google but can claim the second rank among the best search engines after Google. the great power of Bing is the result of various experiences of Microsoft with preceding search engines including MSN Search, Live Search, Windows Live Search, and Yahoo! Search.

10 Windows XP:

Windows OS undergoes several major revamps with every released iteration over the past few decades. Microsoft gained experience from the iterations and developed an advanced Windows version that held the computer operating systems’ top market share for several years. the ultimate result was Windows XP. Every consumer including developer, consumer, small business, students, or enterprise used Windows XP massively between 2001 and 2010. It is most commonly known as the best version of Microsoft Windows all-time.