How Product Design Attracts Brand Success

Marketing Top Tips: How Product Design Attracts Brand Success

When people transact with a brand they want to be sure it’s reliable and the products are of expected quality. As a brand, you only have one chance to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the target customers and your branding needs to demonstrate your business values and professionalism.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of investing in professional product design and the main reasons why it’s an important factor behind every brand’s success. But first, let’s have a look at what product rendering is and at what stage a brand is supposed to invest in it.

What is product rendering?

The process of product rendering involves creating a realistic design of a specific product, depicting its various details and highlighting its salient features with the help of digital rendering software. The digital output from this process is used for making product videos and images, typically for marketing and advertising purposes.

In what stages would a brand invest in product design?

There is not just one but several scenarios in which a brand would choose to invest in product design, including but not limited to:

  1. Product launch

When preparing for a product launch, brands avail 3D product rendering services to present their new products in the most appealing way possible.

  1. Product development

Product design is an essential part of the product development process, because it makes it easier for the developers and stakeholders to envision and improvise on the final product they are hoping to create.

  1. Marketing

Brand marketers publish product videos and images on not just the brand’s official website and social media handles, but also in their brochures and other forms of marketing media that they are using to attract customers and generate sales.

How does product design promote brand success?

  1. Makes a good first impression about your brand

As the saying goes, the first impression is often the last impression. To build a strong and reputable brand, it’s important to get the product designs right. Needless to say, no one appreciates a boring product design.

  1. Promotes brand consistency

Consistency is essential for branding. If branding is inconsistent, consumers won’t feel a sense of trust when considering your product, because it may seem disorganised and chaotic to them. In fact, inconsistent branding is such a huge mistake that it can make your audience dislike your brand and even put you out of business.

  1. Helps you outshine your competition

If consumers find your packaging design aesthetically pleasing and impressive, they are more likely to buy your product. The same goes for the product videos and images that you publish online or use in your marketing campaign. If the consumers like what they see, your competitors hardly stand a chance to win their business.

  1. Helps build an emotional connection with the target customers

Customer relationships, just like any other kind of relationship, are based primarily on emotions. If your customers feel emotionally connected and relate better to your brand, you can build lasting relationships with them. This is why having a good design is the first step in attracting your customers and keeping them for the long term.

Who would benefit from investing in product design?

Investing in product design is beneficial for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals, however, it’s highly recommended if you are any of the below:

  • A startup or a small business venturing into a competitive market
  • A manufacturer that’s designing new products or want to showcase the existing ones
  • A product marketer hoping to increase the sales of a product by using the designs in marketing campaigns
  • A brand interested in winning the hearts of target customers
  • A product developer who is building a product for the clients or developing a prototype of your product to seek funding from investors

How to find a professional product designer

Regardless of the nature of your requirements, it’s always a good idea to outsource your product design job to a freelance professional, instead of hiring a graphic design company, a photographer, or a team of in-house professionals for it. Not only will you get the same or better results in the least amount of time possible, but you will also save a lot of time, money, and resources on the project. Search for keywords like “3D design services” and “product modelling” on reputed freelance job boards such as AnyTask, and look for talent that has a high rating and a good amount of reviews. Make sure that their hourly rate fits well within your budget and they can deliver your project on time.

Final Thoughts

By making a solid first impression and building relationships with your customers with the help of consistent branding, you can generate brand awareness, improve your brand perception in the eyes of consumers, boost sales, and generate more revenue as a brand. As a single element of your marketing campaigns, product design can only take your business so far and knowing what your audience actually wants is the key to making your brand truly successful.