Make 2020 Count With These Smart Marketing Strategies

The marketing world evolves quickly, with new technologies and tactics coming out seemingly every day. To make the most of your marketing this year, you’ll need to stay on top of trends and determine which new developments are a fit for your business. From social media to content marketing to search engine optimization, here are nine marketing strategies to test in 2020.

1 Focus on Quality in Content Marketing

Content marketing has been at the top of the trends list for several years. Brands that offer appealing content across a variety of channels can improve their search engine results and become known as a trusted source of information in their industry. The business media outlet Inc. recommends diversifying your existing content strategy with more video and interactive elements. Rather than trying to post a new piece of content every day, focus on a regular schedule of unique, engaging and visually appealing content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

2 Know the Field

With marketing tactics and technology evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important for brands to stay informed about emerging trends and new market research. Make it a habit to search out new marketing resources that will help you get a handle on what ideas will work best for your business. Even for seasoned experts, crafting a successful marketing plan requires constant learning. Set aside time each week to read up on the latest developments and best practices for your sector.

3 Personalize Your Message

Years of data collection and customer behaviour tracking have given businesses a well of information about buying habits and personal preferences. According to Forbes, 90% of respondents said they found personalization appealing in a recent survey of 1,000 people. Use the data you’ve likely already collected through your website, social media channels and email marketing program to personalize messages for your audience. You could try segmenting your email list to send offers based on previous buying preferences or interactions with email campaigns. Consider crafting personas for the different segments of your email list and creating content with those personas in mind. Different messages will resonate differently with each segment, and you’re likely to see better returns if you personalize messages.

4 Make Social Media Shoppable

The addition of e-commerce to Instagram has dramatically changed how retailers use the platform. Users scrolling through their feeds can be on a purchase path with the click of a button. This trend is expected to expand in 2020, as retailers find ways to incorporate e-commerce into other channels, including YouTube and Twitter. Facebook will continue to be a major player for shopping, both through sponsored and organic posts. To make the most out of this trend, invest in quality photos of your products that showcase unique features and their uses.

5 Use Chatbots for Fast Customer Service

Customers expect to be able to get responses to their questions and solutions to their problems within minutes, no matter what time of day they’re asking. Considering the limitations of providing quality customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, businesses have turned to artificial intelligence to meet customer demand. According to Entrepreneur, a recent study predicts that by 2023, the use of chatbots will allow companies to save $439 billion and increase sales by $112 billion each year. The technology can get complex, but can also be as simple as a bot that answers frequently asked questions on a website chat.

6 Get Ready for Voice Search

Smartphone voice assistants are popular with younger consumers, with more than 70 per cent of users between 18 and 29 using the voice assistant function on their phones. Companies should anticipate that use applies to search and adapt their content accordingly. Take on a conversational tone in your content, thinking about how a user might word a question if they’re saying it, rather than typing it. A recent Google study estimates that 20 per cent of users are making their Google queries by search. That number is likely to grow in the coming years. Companies that stay on top of the trend will be ahead of the pack as more search goes to voice.

7 Answer Common Questions

If you’ve typed a question into the Google search bar lately, you might have noticed the answer box that comes up at the top of the results page. The box typically contains a short snippet that provides the answer to your question, without asking you to click on a link or scroll down the page to find the results you’re looking for. That development presents a challenge to content marketers looking to drive traffic to a website through search results. Companies should always be looking to answer a question or meet a customer need with their content. The brands that do that most effectively have a shot at landing in those top answer results and standing out from competitors.

8 Retain Your Customers

It’s long been true that it’s easier – and cheaper – to retain an existing customer than it is to attract a new one. With so many marketing messages hitting consumers from every direction every day, you’ll have an easier road keeping a current customer happy than you will trying to stand out from the crowd. Make customer service and experience a priority in 2020, focusing on genuine interactions, personalized offers and quality service. A loyal customer can help spread the word about your brand through reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, making them a valuable marketing asset you can retain for years.

9 Get Smart About Remarketing

Customers need to hear a message multiple times for it to sink in and drive decision-making. Take advantage of digital remarketing to serve your ads to customers who may have already seen or interacted with them. A user who has visited your website after clicking on an ad should be seeing that ad again, encouraging them to come back to the site and complete their purchase. Don’t miss out on customers who have already shown an interest in your brand by visiting your site.

The best marketing strategies for your business in 2020 will keep customers engaged, strike a conversational tone and make the most of your digital advertising.