Magento development: A buzz Among the eCommerce Business

Magento development: A buzz Among the eCommerce Business

After the importance of the CMS framework, Magento is the most effective and appealing application for e-Commerce businesses throughout the world as more than 270,000 merchants use Magento for the success of their business. Magento development will grant a long list of advantages; thus, it is a must-have application for any e-Commerce website.

This B2B e-Commerce Solution is convenient to use, flexible, and scalable at different levels because it has increased e-commerce sales by 224 billion dollars in 2020 globally. 

The Magento frameworks are used to design a complete e-Commerce store for your business. Magento was developed by using the Zend framework that is available in two following versions:-

  1. Magento.x1 – This version is widely used by online shopping of clothing and accessories products.
  2. Magento.x2 – This version of Magento is used by stores selling electronics, computers, footwear, toys, cosmetics, etc.

Some more interesting facts about Magento are following:-

  • More than 250,00 active sites are using Magento at the present time.
  • Almost 15,000 online stores are using Magento.
  • You will find over 400 Magento partners throughout the world.
  • Some successful companies using Magento are Nike, Ford, Samsung, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, and so on.  
  • Almost 65% of the Magento merchants are using both platforms that are B2B and B2C.
  • The CE of Magento has 24.8% shares of the e-commerce market.
  • Magento was considered the best platform for SEO back in 2017.

Besides these exciting facts, Magento has some other following e-Commerce development services for your business to develop and customize your site according to the customer.

  • Open Source

Magento is an open-source that allows a steady development of the website, and this is the reason that millions of developers widely accept it throughout the world. With low costs, it has multiple features for valuable rise on the platform.

  • SEO Optimized 

It is the most beneficial feature of Magento that helps them to top the list and website rank. It also offers more options for various URLs, Sitemaps, Meta tags, descriptions, keywords, etc.

  • Responsive and measurable 

You can easily access your Magento website on mobile devices that allow the designing of various perspectives of customers to the e-portal. If you plan to start a small business, you can begin it by installing related essential communities and upgrading to enterprise during the growing stage. It allows Magento to be a measurable solution for every user.

  • Third-party Software Integration

One can integrate with the programs of the third party and essential software for business quickly. It also offers various extensions and solutions for integrating your site through Google Analytics, Google Shopping, eBay (eBay got the Magento for 180 million dollars in the year 2011), and PayPal. 

You can also collaborate with Magento with CMS platforms such as WordPress and many more. Thus the Magento support services are the largest platform of e-Commerce websites globally.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

It is currently powered by 1.2% of all the websites that are present over the internet. Magento development offers cross-browser services that enable higher accessibility for multiple browsers and reduce the limitation of its data usage.

  • Multilingual and Multi-Currency 

Magento is currently ranked on three positions in the list of the most popular e-commerce websites. Magento also supports foreign languages and various payment methods.

  • Flexibility

In Magento, the user can implant new advanced features and exclusive methods to their e-commerce website. This facility makes sure that users can conveniently customize their shopping carts, online products, and other products. 

The primary cause of the Success of Magento e-Commerce

The shares of the market of Magento have increased from 9% to 13% in 2021 due to Adobe’s acquisition that has enhanced Magento’s ecosystem entirely and enhanced shares up to 1.6 billion. You can get the idea of the popularity of Magento by the fact that it gained almost double users from the year 2017 to 2018. 

Besides this, there are two following significant reasons that are the robust reason for its success:-

  • Increased the security 

Magento is one of the safest platforms for e-Commerce websites. The Magento 2.1 is laced with advanced features and random Admin URI to reduce the risks of attacks on specific locations.

It also allows the application of umask to prevent restricted access. This version also has a modern feature called X-frame options HTTPS request header for the protection of the website from click-jacking attacks. These advanced features have successfully enhanced the security measures of the website.

According to Foregenix, almost 90% of the websites using Magento are hard to get into cyber-attacks. The percentage of the websites at risk that are running through their latest version is the lowest.  

The technology is growing vastly, it is impossible to assure the safety of your e-commerce website, but at Magento, the workers are very punctual and consistent in fixing any cyber-related issue by using regular updates and patches.

  • Successfully increased the market shares

Magento support services have successfully enhanced the sales and shares of the market. Magento is touching the sky of success for multiple reasons, but the major one is the acquisition of Adobe and PWA studio and a developer tool kit. 

Undoubtedly this was the game-changer in its development.  Even creative software developers offer various services like content management, data management, analytics, and many more by experienced clouds. 

If someone accepts these offers for long-term purposes, they will indeed mark a massive boost in their e-Commerce website. The extra advanced ecosystem of Adobe will allow this platform to stand alone in the competitive market.

Final words

The future of Magento B2B e-Commerce Solution is undoubtedly bright as we can see the rise in its sales and services every year. Although Magento has various challenges during this journey, adobe acquisition has proved a boon for this as it offers a massive boost in its development. 

Fortunately, we may witness the most significant rise of new users in 2021. So you can blindly trust Magento for the success of your e-commerce website. 

Author Bio: 

Nitesh Behani is a creative and passionate mobile application enthusiast with over 11 years of experience in providing IT solutions across various industries. Nitesh Behani is the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full services of an eCommerce Development & Shopware certified developer in USA, India, and Bahrain. He has experience of delivering more than 100+ projects ranging from web technologies to mobile application technology.