Logo Redesign – Why and how to do it right?


The design of your logo is one of the most critical aspects of your business brand. Such a design takes a lot of time and may require a heavy investment. This is because the logo defines the business for many years. 

However, like any other business asset, the logo can become stale, and may lose its appeal to existing clients, prospects and business partners. Your logo could be an outdated business asset. In such a case, it may be worthwhile to re-design it. This article is going to explore why and how you should re-design your business logo.

Logo Redesign: Why 

There is a plethora of reasons why you should consider re-designing your logo. To start with, brands evolve and go through drastic changes in their lifecycle. 

Perhaps, you made your logo based on several popular trends that were only popular at that time. Now that times have changed, it is time that you consider redesigning your logo, and come up with a new one. The new logo is going to reflect the modern trends and is going to resonate better with clients.

The audience of the business plays a significant role in coming up with a logo. However, with time, your business audience may grow and incorporate other market segments and different demographic groups. With a new logo, you are going to resonate with your changing audience.

It is not uncommon to find businesses undergo mergers and acquisitions with related companies. If you have agreed to a merger, both parties in the merger will have to agree on a new logo as they navigate a new era of doing business.

Logo Redesign: how to do it right?

There are two main ways of re-designing your logo. First, you can hire a logo designer. The graphic designer will go through your needs as a business, conduct research focused on the industry, its history, and competitors in order to be well armed with the relevant data and information about your business. The logo designer is going to ask you critical questions such as the vision of your company. The reason for all these questions is to enable the logo designer to come up with the best logo for your organisation.

Sometimes a business will look at redesigning a logo in house but there a number of factors to be conscious when deciding to re-design the logo on your own. It is necessary to follow standard consistency branding guidelines. These include design variations, color palette, and usage standards.

Once your logo is redesigned, you are going to also over-haul your other brand assets. In other words, whatever your business owns is going to be defined by the new logo. These include the website, letterhead, social media platforms, print ads, and marketing emails.


The re-design of the logo is very important in helping the business to prepare for the future. As a matter of fact, the logo is the visual representation of your company. This is all the reason why you should make a deliberate effort to get this process right. Overall, the re-design of the logo is a consequential process that is going to benefit the business in immense ways.

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