Live Chat for Woocommerce: What you need to know

Live Chat for Woocommerce: What you need to know

This article is all about live Chat for woocommerce. To explore live Chat for woocommerce, you must read this article from start to end. I am telling you about live Chat for woocommerce and its uses in this article. We will also discuss how Live Chat for woocommerce is helpful in business.

What is live Chat for woocommerce?

Live Chat is a customer service that helps to attract more customers and visitors. Live Chat helps you to increase the number of customers on your online platform and helps you to increase sales. It is the best service for online businesses by which they can satisfy their customers.

Live Chat is an online communication application that enables you and your website visitors to communicate with each other. It is the best substitute for phone calls and e-mail. The Live Chat offers an easy platform for an online business owner and the customers to communicate with each other. You and your customers only need to type a text in the chat box and send it.

How does Live Chat work?

Live Chat is a form of customer service which enables customers to communicate directly with an online company’s representative. It is technical support developed to facilitate online customers. It is a messaging service for an online business that works as a pop-up chat window on a company’s website.

The way to use a live chat on your website is simple. You only need to add live Chat on your website and wait for customers to ask you questions. You can also attract them with a chat invitation. Live Chat helps satisfy customers by giving them effective customer service, resolving customers’ problems or issues, and selling more products.

How is Chat Live helpful for your business?

You can get many benefits from live Chat. You can provide this facility on your website to attract more visitors. It is helpful for your business in many ways.

  • Live Chat can enhance the performance of your business by interacting with customers
  • Live Chat helps you to resolve the issues of your customers related to your services
  • Live Chat helps you to provide the best customer service to your customer
  • Live Chat enhances the sales of your products and increases the sales
  • Live Chat boosts the productivity of your customer service team
  • Live Chat allows you to provide 24/7 support to your customers
  • Live Chat increases the number of visitors to your website

Moreover, live Chat allows you to deliver the best customer service to your customer and provide the best support by understanding their issues. It also helps you to enhance brand interaction and customer interaction, which provides a huge rise to your online business.

Does woocommerce has a live chat?

Woocommerce is a customized, open-source platform that is developed on WordPress. It is developed for small and large-sized online businesses and helps them communicate with their customers.

How to add live Chat to your woocommerce

In this section, we will learn about installing a live chat app to support your customers. Txt. It is the best live chat app by which you can get the facility to communicate with your customers.

Here is the procedure by which you can add live Chat by following the procedure mentioned below:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel and press the “Plugin Option.”
  • When you open the “Plugin” section then, you need to add a new Plugin for woocommerce
  • To add a new plugin to woocommerce, you need to hit the “Add New” Button
  • The Plugin that you need is txt. me
  • Type txt. me in the search bar, which is located at the top-right corner of the add plugin page
  • When you found the text. I live chat plugin once, and you can see its chat box with logo and description
  • Now, you need to hit the “Install Now” option
  • When you click on the Install Now button, the installation automatically started
  • The next step is to activate a plugin in the same box
  • When you activate the plugin, you will find the new items in the left menu.
  • You need an account with txt. me to use this live chat service at your website
  • You can log in to txt. Me by using the link

Final Words

Live Chat is the best service for customers by which you can interact with them and solve their problems. It helps you to satisfy your customer and attract more visitors to your website.