Listening to the Customer

Listening to the Customer

Do you want to make sure your business can grow well? Consider how and why you should listen to your customers.

Ask for Feedback

One way to listen to your customers is to explicitly ask them for feedback. Send out a survey after people order from you. Include questions about the purchasing or shopping experience. If you sell a service, ask about how the client enjoyed working with you.

You don’t need an expensive survey tool to do this. Google Forms is a free option that can work well for gathering responses. Then, you can learn what real customers think about your business and how you can improve. The feedback can help direct your business based on what your buyers want and need, which can make getting sales much easier.

Take Feedback Seriously

If you decide to send out a survey, take the feedback to heart. Don’t just focus on the positive stuff that people are saying. While positive feedback is great, you also want to pay attention to the negative responses.

That will tell you where your business could change things to make customers feel better. If you notice trends in the responses, you should especially try to implement those changes. Once you do, you might find customers are happier and that they recommend your business more. Be sure to pay attention to feedback you ask for as well as to reviews that customers leave without you asking.

Monitor Best-Selling Offers

You can also listen to your customers by reviewing which products or services you sell the most. Sure, you might have gone through customer journey mapping examples. You may even have a customer journey map already.

But consider if the products or services people are buying match up with that. If not, you can figure out what is selling well and why. Then, you can adjust your customer journey to better help customers and to get repeat buyers. Your best-sellers might not be things you expect, so you could miss out on sales if you just focus on what you think is worth selling.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Another vital part of listening to your customers is to interact with them. You might prefer to use Facebook for marketing, but what if your customers prefer Instagram? If you want to listen, you should use what your target audience is using.

Not only will that help you attract new customers, but it can help you learn about your audience. Then, you’ll know what type of content to share to get people to buy from you. That can help you come up with new products or services to meet your customers’ needs.

Remain Humble

As you listen to your customers, you should focus on humility. You may know your product backward and forwards, but a new customer won’t. Pay attention to their questions, and be patient when answering so that you can make your customer feel good.

It can be tempting to brush off questions that seem silly to you. However, those queries might make a huge difference in the customer’s experience. Plus, answering them now can help you prepare for when future customers have the same problems.

Track Data

Another thing to do when listening to your customers is to track data. As mentioned, keep track of survey responses. You should also pay attention to the questions people are asking in your comment section, messages, and email.

Use the data you collect whenever you make business decisions. For example, you can use the questions you receive to decide what type of product or service to release next. You can also use that data to learn more about how to target ad campaigns for marketing. That can then help you grow your business more efficiently.

Running a business takes a lot of work, and listening to customers may seem like another task. But it can do a lot of good to listen to feedback so that you can serve your people better.