Is Your Digital Marketing Campaign Benefiting Your Brand?

Is Your Digital Marketing Campaign Benefiting Your Brand?

You can save a lot of money by focusing your marketing efforts on digital processes. Unfortunately, you can also waste a lot of your budget on digital marketing campaigns if they don’t benefit your brand. Most companies use a mix of both online and offline efforts, but you still want every cent you spend to do the most good possible for your company.

Start by taking an inventory of the campaigns you’ve run in the past year. Take a look at the return on investment (ROI) and how well each one performed. What went wrong? What worked? What can you do better next time? Your goal should be to improve ROI every time you run a new ad campaign. 

How Is a Digital Marketing Campaign Useful?

According to Statista, some digital advertising formats are increasing more rapidly than others. For example, online video advertising increased from 71% to 76% in 2022, while influencer content jumped from 64% to 71% on average. Marketing professionals wouldn’t utilize digital marketing if it wasn’t highly effective.

What are some ways you can ensure your digital marketing efforts have maximum benefits for your brand? Here are some ways you can impact your business image and attract new customers while keeping current ones. 

1. Increase Customer Loyalty

Are your customers loyal to your brand? You’ve worked hard to attract the right audience. Once they buy from you, you’d like them to trust you enough to remain a lifelong customer. How can you ensure they remember why they love you and your products?

Remind them why they adore you with your marketing campaigns. Gather testimonials from happy customers and share them. Ask for help spreading the word about your brand. People are much more likely to continue to do business with you if they recommend you to someone else. 

2. Generate Excitement

Utilize the power of user generated content (UGC) to generate excitement from regular customers and potential new ones. Offer a discount to anyone who records an unboxing video and shares it.

You can also reach out to influencers with audiences filled with the people you wish to reach. Send them a free box in exchange for them posting an unboxing video and sharing with their followers. 

3. Create a Lead Pipeline

Your digital marketing efforts are only helpful if they generate new leads. Think about the campaigns you’re running and where they lead your audience. What ROI do you wish to receive from your efforts? 

You might want to make sales or simply find new leads. Know your goals for each campaign so you can measure how well it’s working and if you need to make adjustments. How many new leads come from each effort? Are there any underserved audiences?

4. Improve Conversion Rates

Pay attention to the little things, such as whether you use contrasting colors effectively. Does your call to action (CTA) pop and grab user attention? Is it clear what the CTA directs the user to do next?

You should also pay attention to how things look to those with visual limitations. Around 4% of the adult population struggles to see some things. For example, a user may be color blind and if you use certain hues on top of one another they will just blend together. 

Excellent color contrast is visually appealing and helps improve conversion rates. The more people who click on your campaign ads and go to your site, the better your name recognition will become. 

5. Establish a Solid Brand Image

Strive for consistency. Create a branding guide so various graphic artists and marketers know what you expect for your image. When customers see an ad on Facebook and then watch a video on YouTube, they should get the same feel from both locations. 

Using consistent colors, imaging and messaging can also help you seem more reliable and trustworthy to consumers. Even if you hire 50 freelancers, your content will still be recognizable because they’ll know your voice as a company. 

Measure Results

One of the most significant advantages to digital marketing is the ability to track results. Dig deep into the analytics of your marketing efforts to see what works best for your customer base. 

Tweak campaigns as they occur. If something isn’t gaining the traction you wanted, end the ad and make changes. Measure results so you can improve them and bring in more customers than ever before. 

Eleanor is the editor-in-chief of Designerly. She’s also a freelance web designer with a focus on customer experience. She lives in Philly with her husband and dog, Bear.