Is Digital Marketing the Career for You?

Is Digital Marketing the Career for You?

Choosing a career path can be an overwhelming choice, especially when made as a high school student. There are so many different options. Each of these come with their own benefits and drawbacks. It can be hard to know what you will enjoy doing the rest of your life. Luckily, you can start over at any stage of your life. Although there are challenges associated with each decision, you will be happiest pursuing what you are passionate about. If you have heard of digital marketing, keep reading to see if it might be a good fit for you.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before you take out student loans, do some thorough research about career paths. Technology has changed much of how we do things. These advances have made it easier to connect globally. Queue digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that focuses solely on online communications. Smartphones and the internet have made it so that we can search for anything within a few seconds. To be successful, businesses had to learn to target their customers using digital technology.

There are various techniques that are often used in conjunction during a digital marketing campaign. E-mail and social media are two very well-known methods of marketing. I bet each of you reading this has at least one digital marketing e-mail in your inbox right now. Online advertisements, search engine optimization, apps and other approaches are all successful ways to get product or company information to customers using the internet.

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? 

A digital marketing specialist uses their knowledge to help create a brand, build brand awareness, reach new customers, connect with current or past customers and promote the company and its products or services. The job duties are generally pretty similar for digital marketers but can vary depending on the employer. Typically, one will be in charge of email and social media content, ads and marketing. This includes generating a brand and helping expand brand awareness. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be used.

A digital marketer may work on collaborations to have the company’s products or services featured with different influencers or on other channels. The expertise of a marketer is often used for public relations and advertising to maximize the efficiency of these efforts. Analysis and reports back to management about what tactics received the best response and cost-analysis are also completed.

How Do You Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

If the described job duties sound like something you could see yourself doing, now is the time to start looking into programs and student loans. A degree in marketing is a generalized way to get experience in marketing prior to specializing in digital marketing. There is no set path to become a digital marketer, but there are plenty of degree options, certificate courses, bootcamps and training seminars to help you learn the requirements necessary.

A job search can tell you what requirements certain companies you would like to work for have for their open positions. Some may require a marketing or similar degree. Others may accept certificates, experience or a portfolio as proof of knowledge in the digital marketing field but may prefer a college degree even if it is unrelated.

What’s the Job Stability?

The job stability is great for digital marketers. Technology will continue to create new and better ways for online communication. This means that online marketing will remain a favorite of both companies and consumers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that marketing job demand will increase 10% by 2026. This demand is higher than the average demand for all careers, making it a stable choice for a career.

Whether you are trying to decide on a college major or looking to make a career switch, digital marketing may be the perfect fit for you. This career path can be suitable for anyone who loves communication, branding, social media and technology. There is a lot to learn to become an effective digital marketer, but if you are up for the challenge, start pursuing your career as a digital marketing specialist today!