Improvised Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

In the fast-paced world that we live in, everything around us is constantly changing. Buildings are getting taller, technology is getting smarter, and humans are getting wiser. We have been rapidly adapting to this changing environment, and this rapid adaptation has given rise to a great number of trends.

Redefining the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has proven to be one of the greatest achievements of technology today. Even though it is still under development, it has found its way into every other software that we use. According to analysts, the use of AI can help raise the GDP by 14% in another 10 years. Digital marketing experts have also adopted this bit of technology and found its use in the industry to help businesses grow.


Programmatic Advertising for Best Results

The digital marketing industry has also seen several ways to help businesses target a very specific audience for their ads. This not only allows them to save money on users that would find the ad to be irrelevant but also help increase their conversion rates. With the help of appropriate keywords, specific times of the day, and the location of users, programmatic advertising can greatly change a user’s experience with the advertisement.

Conversational Marketing for Enhanced Engagements

Marketing can be done in many ways. But those that include engaging with the audience prove to be the most effective. This is why conversational marketing has turned into one of the top digital marketing trends in 2020. It provides the audience with immediate responses and solutions, enhancing their experience. The one-on-one experience provided by these conversations usually provides greater customer satisfaction. 

Adding A Personal Touch with Automated Solution

Automated replies and spam mails have never received much attention from the targeted audience. You can personalize these emails in an effective manner to gain the attention of your potential clients. Emails with a personal touch are known to have a significantly greater impact on the receiver, as compared to generic emails. If you are facing difficulties in making effective emails to increase your sales, it is highly recommended to hire digital marketing experts for this job. You may also hire experts from trusted digital marketing companies in Dubai, among whom the most preferred ones are Digital Express, Digital Mise, and BrandBurp Digital.

Utilizing Social Media for Digital Marketing Tasks

Social media is the hub where that major population of people can be found over the internet. The ideal way to market a product is to present it where it can be seen the most. This is why the experts of digital marketing have taken their tasks to social media, where they effectively market businesses to hundreds of thousands of people. They target the most popular platforms and utilize them to help brands grow.

Working With Push Notifications

The push notification tool for browsers has been around for quite a while now. But it has only been recently that digital marketing experts have started using it to their benefit. In the present year, about 90% of the existing online stores utilize push notifications to encourage people to sign-up for newsletters. And they have been a lot more successful than using the plain old email method.

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A Well-Defined Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to digital marketing, the use of well-written, SEO optimized content has never gone out of trend. Most digital marketing experts will agree that content marketing is very important for any business that wants to establish a presence online and grow. Experts suggest that marketers should go after quality content rather than SEO optimization, and that itself will work wonders.

Increasing Interaction

The easiest way to interest someone in a particular business is not by showing them adverts that they can just scroll past. Instead, it is to create an interaction between the page and the audience that would allow them to realize how the business could be relevant for them. This trend has proven to increase conversion rates for several pages and has been adopted by a lot of experts.

Putting Up Geo-Fences

Marketing your product to bigger audiences can be beneficial, but only to a certain extent. Putting up ads for people who are in regions where they can’t buy from your business is simply a waste of money. Therefore, in 2020, the digital marketing industry has put up geo-fences and marketed business only in the close local regions. This has greatly helped them cut back on the amount spent on excessive marketing, as well as in bringing better quality traffic.

Big Data Analysis

Big and open data is one of the tools that the advancement of technology has blessed us with. There are heaps and heaps of data available for the public eye. This data has widely been used by business analysts to uncover patterns that can help them grow. A similar trend has been adopted in digital marketing, where the analysis of the available big data is utilized to provide information that can help the experts find better focus points.


From utilizing chatbots to creating click-to-buy posts, the trends adopted in the digital marketing industry are numerous. Each of these trends provides the users with unique benefits that, in turn, help businesses grow. All the experts need to do is to figure which trend would suit where and utilize them effectively.