Important Videos for the 4 Stages of the Marketing Funnel

Important Videos for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Video content provides a powerful marketing tool. You increase the chances of audiences engaging with your content with the use of such. They are ideal for product launches, how-to tutorials, and so much more.

Companies can take advantage of video to capture audiences during their buying journey. The right content will push the customer along the funnel to the conversion stage. 

But, proper utilization of video content means you know which ones to use. It is also critical that you pay attention to the types of videos.

We would recommend using video production services.  Remember, no one wants to look at grainy videos with poor-quality sound. You can also make the audiences lose interest if the narrator is not engaging.

Further, developing videos such as animated explainers, business documentaries, and how-to tutorials require a bit of expertise. Unless you have the know-how, let the professionals work on such for you.  

We will show you how to identify the best in the article below.  

Exploring the Marketing Funnel

Before we go into the type of videos to use, it is vital to understand the marketing funnel. There are three critical stages you should take note of. These are the awareness, consideration, and decision-making stages.   

The fourth stage that carries equal weight and importance is the retention stage. You want to convert the buying customer into loyal ones who will keep on coming back.   

So how does video content help in each stage? 

  1. Awareness Stage

Best videos to use – commercials, blogs, educational videos, and explainer videos

Awareness videos help increase brand exposure so that people know about your brand. You can use it for social media, blogs, and targeted ads.

Remember, the customer at this stage is in the discovery phase. They are doing tons of research, but have still not found a solution to their problems. 

When coming up with videos, it is important to:-

  • Engage with the audiences through exciting content and narration. Consider the use of stories to help build faster connections
  • Focus on building credibility
  • Help the audiences understand your brand values and expertise 
  • Focus on SEO to get visibility on the search platforms. Video titles and descriptors should have the right keywords to make it easy for the search engines to find you.  

Remember, this is the beginning of the development of a relationship. Think about it much like you would when you are getting to know someone. What are the key things you’d want them to know about you? 

From that initial meeting, what are the key takeaways the person should leave with? The aim here is not hard-sell marketing language. Rather, you want the audience to start building an emotional connection with you.  

2. Consideration Stage

Best videos to use – Testimonials, product videos/reviews, FAQs, webinars 

Consideration videos help sway purchasing decisions through educated content. Marketers can use them to show how the brand or products provide solutions to identified problems.  

At this point, the customer is very clear about the answer they are looking for. Their research is more specific. They have probably started to narrow down on a solution provider. 

Marketers must have complete clarity on the customer pain points. Whatever content you put out should respond to a direct need. It also helps if you can throw in a few pointers or tips they may not know about.

Do not make any product or service claims you cannot back up. Come across as personable and trustworthy. Customers need to feel safe and confident in choosing you as a product or service provider.  

The videos should:-

  •  Intrigue the customers enough to get them to consider you
  •  Reinforce your brand values
  •  Position you as an authority and go-to source for information

Again, this is not the stage to push hard-sell language at them. You are still in the process of building that emotional connection by providing value. But, do it right to start the process of collecting leads.  

3. Conversion Stage

Best videos to use – demos, product videos, promotional videos, free trials, and in-depth product guides 

If you are a fan of dating shows, the conversion stage is a lot like the ring ceremony. Everything you have done culminates in a yes or no from the target customer. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but you get the point.  

Conversion videos work at convincing customers to buy. This is the final push to turn an interested customer into a purchasing one. Yet, it may very well be the most challenging part of the marketing funnel. 

The customer is very clear and knowledgeable about your offering. They also have the same information about your competitors. So the aim is to make them pick you. Some video content to consider includes testimonials from happy customers. 

Demonstration videos, FAQs, and product videos highlighting the unique selling points are critical. Other videos to consider are promotional videos, free trials, and in-depth product guides. Personalized targeted videos will also work very well here.

You already have relevant information from the leads you collected in the stage above. You know which products targeted audiences are interested in. Create tailor-made content that responds to specific customer needs.  

Another good idea is to use before and after videos. If you are, for example, selling weight loss products, such content can land you a sale. 

4. Retention Stage 

So, the ring ceremony went well, and for the moment everyone is happy. But, no one puts in the effort to make things work. Before long, one of you realizes it is no longer working, and you want out.  

That is very much what happens in transactional relationships. The company has to work hard to keep the customers happy. If not, they will lose them to eager competitors. Keep the communication ongoing with relevant content.

Retention videos are all about value add. The aim is to convince the customer to keep on buying due to specific benefits they get.  

Good examples of such videos include new features and new products. Even content that shows a company’s corporate responsibility programs would work just as well.  

Final Thoughts

The use of video content in the marketing funnel provides tons of benefits. Marketers can use it to increase brand awareness and generate interest in the products. 

They are also fantastic for explaining product features, launching campaigns, and so much more. 

Pay attention to the quality of the videos. It is a worthwhile investment to let those with expertise in video production do the work.