Adsense Alternatives

How to secure maximum monetization with or without AdSense?

We all want to make more money if there is even the slightest chance of it. Be a newbie or a professional blogger each one of them wants to monetize their website to the maximum. Therefore we look for the best monetization platforms to do it. And Google Adsense definitely rules the list. But as popular as they are, AdSense has also collected a few bad reputations for their strict Term of Service and later for their poor customer support.

But, that is not an argument I want to highlight here. Whether you are using Adsense or not, there is always a chance of monetizing more. Many of you who are already banned by Google Adsense have looked for other monetization platform and who are still using it can always monetize with other platforms too.

Here are the best Adsense Alternatives 


PropellerAds is the right fit for your website if you are an owner of blog or website which falls under entertainment, videos or movies, games, software, finances and dating. They are providing best pop-under ads. So as soon as the lead steps out of your website, a pop-under ad is shown to them, hinting them to visit again. The company operated in 2-3 countries and regarded as one of the best replacement of Google AdSense.


Infolinks is again the best option for you if you are planning for native advertisements. The ads tend to blend subtlety with the other style ads of your website without disturbing your user. And one unique feature about them is that all kinds of ad which they offer say, Video or contextual ad or display banners, all of them can be thoroughly customized as per your wish. And if you’re a newcomer, it’s okay! As Infolinks approve their clients on the basis of the website quality.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates can be profitable to you if you are website or blog have any similar products selling on Amazon. In this way, you can earn a little share of profit with Amazon when that product is being sold every time. Amazon associates are proven beneficial for promoting local products and attracting the local traffic to your website. Hence it is popular with small website owners.


Earn with Adversal if your website crosses 50,000 page views per month. They pay a minimum of 20 USD and offer affiliate program by which you can earn more relatively. But the only drawback is if your pageview doesn’t reach 50,000-page view every month, they will reject your website without a blink. They also let you decide the types and style of the ad before publishing it.


An innovative audience ecosystem for letting you monetize infinitely beyond the wall of your website or blog. With Audienceplay, you can seamlessly monetize your audience even they have left your blog or website. So, you can transform your leads into infinite revenue streams. It enables you to earn yet though you are monetizing with Google Adsense.

Don’t fall behind with your monetization strategies. If Google Adsense or any other monetization platform has banned you, there is a lot to help. First, find out what is best for your website/blog and start monetizing effectively.