How To Outsource Your Content Creation For Better SEO?

When you think of content creation, you think of keyword optimization, content uniqueness, content research, and all the headaches you can fathom if you are not a content writer. But, you need your content ready, and you want it to be done to optimize SEO, Right?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so much of depends on the content of your website or the marketing piece you are planning that ignoring the same is almost like killing your marketing plans. With 60% of marketers already committed to a content marketing strategy, you need to create it too.

When it comes to content creation, outsourcing can be a great option to reduce the time and cost of in-house content creation and focus on your product or even marketing campaigns as there is much more to the marketing than just creating content.

You can outsource your content creation in two significant methods:

  1. Finding an outsourcing agency for content creation
  2. Find content writing freelancers.

Content Writing Freelancers

These are the freelancers that work from remote workplaces for your organization to create content according to the predefined keywords, content topics, and preference based on the marketing strategies and marketing plan.

There are several metrics to be considered while hiring a freelance content writer for your content creation projects.


As far as costing is concerned, freelancers are the most cost-efficient content creation option that you can choose. The costing of freelancers depends on the type of contract or agreement you enter with them. 

Some freelancers charge based on words they write, some charge based on paragraphs, others also charge based on hours they commit to writing or days for the project.

Another essential aspect of costing is the payment structure. There are different payment structures used for payment of freelancers. Some freelancers are paid in advance or on project completion. Some marketers use a payment structure, where writers are paid based on the impact of their content on the rankings or SEO.

It may seem harsh but, payment structure solely depends on the marketing strategy and content plan or content calendar explicitly designed according to the needs of the project.


Freelance writing is all about flexibility, and if your project needs flexibility, freelancing content creation can be the best option for you. But, with flexibility comes a price, yes there may or may not be the kind of dedication you are looking to achieve. Either way, freelancing can enhance some working due to the flexibility of the workplace.


The most crucial part of SEO is unique and creative content. Google’s crawlers look for content that is plagiarism-free and creative. Creativity is a factor that is enhanced due to remote working conditions and flexible working hours for freelance writers. It is primarily a beneficial factor for all your SEO needs.

Domain Expertise

There are several types of writers available for freelancing, and each has some domain expertise, which expertise suits your SEO needs are to be realized, and the same should be hired. Writers can be technical writers, journalists, medical writers, Ad content writers, story writers, etc. 

Apart from these domains, there are certain areas of expertise that can be explored, too, like cybersecurity, data science, etc. You can approach some peers in these domains for freelancing your content. Domain expertise can certainly help your SEO goals as you will be offering your audiences, all the content they want. 

Outsourcing Content Agencies

Outsourcing your content to an outsourcing content agency can be better than hiring freelancers yourself, as there are better control and regulation ensured by these agencies. These agencies can be paid for a specific period, and it just like any other outsourcing agency like a mobile app development company, software testing company, or recruitment process outsourcing agency.

Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect from an outsourcing content writing agency.


Outsourcing your content creation to a content creating agency can bring more control over your content creation, through monitoring, regulation, and tracking of the content that is being made. These monitoring benefits are absent in hiring freelance writers yourself, as they are not your full-time employers, and they work with no strings attached

An outsourcing content creating agency can provide that mediation between you and the freelance writers and offer more control with range explicitly designed to achieve your SEO goals.


The timeframe needed for your projects can be tight, and deadline pressures are always there. This can be an issue that is solved through outsourcing the content creation to such content creating agencies. 

With a centralized agency controlling all the content created by their writers in house and externally working writers, you can be sure to pace up your marketing campaigns and get your work done in the limited timeframe that is needed.


With such agencies scaling the content creation becomes easy and more reliable. These agencies can create content on different domains and expertise, which can help you scale your marketing strategies scale better and help achieve better SEO.

Scaling your content for longevity and higher traffic needs a more organic approach, and this can be achieved with such outsourcing agencies. 

Content Planning

Planning your content with an outsourcing agency is more simple and easy than doing the same with a freelance writer. With a content plan, you can prepare a content calendar in coordination with your outsourcing agency to create content more organically and scale them for higher traffic.

Concluding Lines

SEO is like a poker game, if you don’t have the right cards and yet you can fake it, you can come out a winner. But, you need that poker face to win it, and organic content provides the same poker face to your marketing strategy. No matter how badly you strategize, if your content is not up to the mark, no plan can save your day!

So, whether you are a great writer or have a great writing team at hand, Outsourcing that content creation can boost up your SEO plans and help you scale better.