How To Market Your New Website

How To Market Your New Website

One of the best advertising tools you can have for your business is your webpage. You can make announcements about your company, introduce new products, and give your clients the best shopping experience all in one place. However, if you have just launched this page, it can be a challenge to attract visitors to it. Here are a few ways to market your new website. 

Sending an Email

You can use your current database of customers to write an email with the news of your new website. This message will entice them to click on it and check it out. If you added an online shopping page to it, it may encourage them to shop with you that way as well. As you set up your list, be sure to remove duplicate rows from it so that you only send one to each name in the group. You may want to consider adding a coupon or some other form of discount to your announcement to give them another reason to look at your new site. You can also offer an incentive if they share with others, increasing the amount of traffic from the visitors who stop by.

Reach For the Top Of the Search Engine

One method to promote your website for little cash is to increase your Search Engine Optimization, or your SEO. When you do this, you bring your website to the top of the list when someone searches on the internet for a product or service. One way to accomplish this is to use frequently used words for your industry in the text that is added to your page. When someone looks for that phrase as they are investigating an item, your company should come up along with others. The more often that it happens, the better chance you will be at the top. Evaluate what you have written on your site and consider revising it to add these words to it so that you can drive more traffic to it.  

Write For a Blog

If you like to write about what you do, you can compose blog posts for either yourself or others in your industry. Reach out to your associates in your field and volunteer to submit a piece to them for publication. You should also offer for them to do the same if they are interested. Make sure that your message is professional, clear, and easy to understand. You will also want to ensure it is interesting enough to engage whoever reads it. Review it a few times for grammatical errors and misspellings. When you do turn your article in, add your new website link to drive traffic to your page.

Pay For Each Click of Advertising

You can do additional advertising on a search engine other than SEOs. Most offer the opportunity for you to advertise on their page when a phrase that relates to your industry is looked for. You are charged each time an individual clicks on the ad to be redirected to your site. This is an economical way to bring new visitors to your page and introduce them to your business. If you want to consider this option, contact the company who runs the platform and ask for the rates to do this. You should also inquire how much extra it would be to add an image or video if that option is available. You will also want to know if you can cap it at a certain budget or time frame as well. 

Promote on Social Media

Nearly all of your clients visit some sort of social media platform during the day. While they are browsing there, you can introduce them to your new website and redirect them there. Open a page on each of these sites for your business and submit the information for your company. As you do this, be sure to add your website to the details. You can also post a link to it and send visitors to it. Adding the bright, colorful photos that you have on your webpage can attract the public’s attention and make them want to learn more about what you do. You also have the option to purchase advertising with these hosts that will boost your message past those who have liked your profile. 

Conduct Contests On Your Website

Holding a contest on your website can attract customers to visit it for a chance to get a prize from your business. Consider what criteria you want them to accomplish for the entry to be included. You can ask them to sign up for your email database, refer your company to others in the community, or to like a post on your social media pages. Offering this option frequently will bring them back to your site more than once and possibly inspire them to share the link with their family and friends. Be sure to offer items that have a high dollar value or are popular with your clients. You should give something away that the public would want to win.

Get Your Customers Talking For You

When you build a great rapport with your customers, they can be the best source of advertising for you. Tell them about the site that you have built and the features that are there for them to see. Print out cards for them with the web address and encourage them to visit. To make it simpler for them, include a QR code on the paper. This allows them to use their smartphone to scan it and be redirected to your site. You can also offer to email or text the link to them if that is easier for them. Consider also having a computer on hand in your store for them to browse through while they are there. Your website is a significant marketing tool for your business. Whether you use search engines to promote it, volunteer to write a blog post, or announce it on your social media pages, making your page known to others will drive visitors to look at it and increase the number of clients that want to do business with you.