12 Tips to Make a LinkedIn Profile Employers Will Love

How to Make an Employer-Friendly LinkedIn Profile: 12 Tips [Infographic]

LinkedIn is the world’s hugest business-focused networking project that unites over 500 million recruiters, employers, and job seekers from over 200 countries. It is many things: an amazing tool for personal branding, one of the most renowned means of social marketing but most importantly – LinkedIn stands as one of the greatest social networking platforms for professionals all around the world.

However, simply being present on LinkedIn is no longer the strategy one would want to adopt and it is not surprising: with more than half a billion members currently registered on LinkedIn, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is as eye-catching as it is accurate! An attractive and well-made LinkedIn profile is like a personal brand. It can provide you with opportunities that you couldn’t dream of and even wouldn’t know about without the help of social media.

Just like any type of online marketing (including having a personal brand), having a better, more attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile is a must-have in order to achieve the best results – after all, the competition is fierce and it is important to show off all of one’s skills, assets and qualifications in order to be seen by a potential employer or client. Still, A LinkedIn profile isn’t just any old resume: it must be taken into account that optimization is a lot more complex than simply showcasing all of your achievements.

Therefore, one must ask themselves: how can I take the best of what LinkedIn has to offer? And how can job seekers improve their presence on LinkedIn and create the perfect LinkedIn profile? If you have not yet figured the answers out for yourself, if you are looking for your dream job or useful contacts, the infographic below contains 12 killer tips to make a LinkedIn profile employers will love!