How to Learn SEO as a Complete Beginner

How to Learn SEO as a Complete Beginner

SEO is a procedure of improving certain website elements to help your site attain a higher ranking in the search results. It also helps in boosting up your business. Whenever someone searches something on Google or browser, they usually focus on the first page of the website. 

It is estimated that almost 75% of users visit the site’s first page and nothing else. 

Therefore, the first page is the major attraction for the users. Before we optimize for SEO, one needs to know how these search engines work. You can learn more about the basics of SEO through a reliable seo crash course available.

Ways to learn SEO successfully:

While one joins an SEO Crash course or begins learning it, the following things should be considered. 

One should always research and target valuable keywords.

Everything about SEO is based on selected keywords. One can only make their website attractive if it has keywords, as it helps your website appear in relevant search results. Therefore, one should select eye-catching keywords to get their website interested leads. 

How can we find relevant keywords? 

Find out which keywords one should use; it helps one identify high-value keywords, which helps boost your business.

While you conduct keyword research, you should try to look mostly for long-tail keywords. These keywords contain either three or more than three words. One of the most important things to remember while using keywords is that you do not overuse these words, leading to keyword stuffing. It eventually destroys your SEO and affects your website ranking as well.

One should be aware of their competitors.

While we try to bring our website’s ranking at the top, we are eventually competing with other websites or companies. Therefore, one must be aware of their competitors. One should begin by searching the search results of keywords you use on google and checking which sites are in the top results with the same keywords. Then you need to understand that these sites need to be outranked by you, which would lead to your website being shown at the top.

One should try to improve the speed of their webpage.

The speed of the webpage should always be quite good as when a user visits a website; they do not wish to wait for the content to be loaded, as nowadays no one has time for it. It eventually makes a person shift from one web page to another in a few minutes or even in seconds at times. Once the user switches from your webpage to some other one, it automatically decreases your web page’s ranking. Google will start assuming that your web page isn’t that relevant and will rank other sites higher than yours, which provides a better and faster user experience.

If we wish to improve our site’s performance, we should reduce the page’s loading time. Here are a few tips one can keep in mind to improve web page’s speed:

  • Decreasing redirects
  • Deleting white space in coding
  • Reducing image file size
  • Using a content distribution network, etc.

  All these tips mentioned might help one to improve the working of their page.

One can also use Google Page Speed Insights to fix the problem that occurs at your site. It easily tells you what is causing the slow down of your website to improve it. 

Publishing content regularly

Content marketing is one of the most important parts of your SEO campaign. If we want our website to run smoothly, we should create content regularly to drive traffic to our web page. To attract an audience to your web page, you can create various forms of content such as blogs and videos, Infographics, etc. Such type of content easily drives traffic to your web page. While you create content, you should focus on creating it based on the demand of the audience. If a website mentions what one wants to see, the user will stick to it and prefer to get all other information from one web page only. Once you can increase traffic on your page, it sends a valuable signal to Google signifying that your webpage is quite relevant, and eventually, your webpage gets a higher rating.


Though one may have assumed SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimisation, to be difficult 

to learn once you try your hands on it, you can easily control the ranking of your website and make your business quite profitable for you.