How to Increase Website Traffic: 7 Tips That You Definitely Need to Test

How to Increase Website Traffic: 7 Tips That You Definitely Need to Test

Generating a steady stream of website traffic can be difficult if your digital marketing strategy isn’t strong. In some cases, you might see spikes in traffic (e.g. during giveaways), but such growth doesn’t usually last.

Therefore, it is important to find tactics you can use long-term to generate traffic to your website continuously. Here are the top seven tips you definitely need to test to increase your website traffic.

#1 Guest Post on Other Websites and Blogs

Guest posting or guest blogging is probably one of the most effective techniques for generating website traffic and building your backlink profile. Moreover, guest posting can result in up to an 80% growth in organic and referral traffic while boosting website rankings thanks to high-quality backlinks. It’s the perfect way to get more exposure and improve brand awareness as well as to gradually build an image of an authoritative brand in your niche.

What’s important for guest posting is finding the right website and blogs where you can publish your content. These need to be relevant to you and your target audience and should have good search rankings. It’s best to place links within the article you submit rather than only adding one in the author bio at the end. Confirm with the website or blog owner that you can add links to your website this way before you start writing the guest post.

#2 Double Down on Content Creation

Speaking of content creation, by focusing on it more, you can already increase your website traffic. Here are some tips on what you can do with the content published on your website or blog:

  • Create a Lot of Evergreen Content: Such content will always be in-demand, so it will have a lasting effect. How-to guides, step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and Q&As are great for this. You can also do your own research and publish white papers, reports, and case studies. Product reviews and expert roundups can also work as evergreen content.
  • Answer Niche-Specific Questions: While it’s good to have some content that is more general in nature, it’s best to focus on more specific questions, especially the ones directly related to your niche. Think of what your audience wants to know or may find interesting, and then create relevant content that focuses on these things.
  • Outsource Some of Your Content Creation: One of the biggest dilemmas for content creators is quantity vs quality. If you want to increase website traffic, it makes sense to produce a lot of content, but then its quality may suffer. To avoid such problems, you can outsource some or all of your content creation. Get in touch with a reputable essay writing company and find an experienced writer who can help you create articles and blog posts among other things.
  • Make Your Visual Content Shareable: Visual content is essential for supplementing your articles and blog posts. However, it is also a great tool for encouraging engagement. For example, a high-quality infographic can be shared by your readers on other platforms which will attract more readers to your website or blog.
  • Repurpose Old and Outdated Content: You don’t always have to create new content to publish because you can simply repurpose old and outdated content. Check which articles and posts performed well, update them with new information about the topic, and publish them again.

#3 Be Active in Online Communities

While it may seem counterproductive to spend your time talking to people in online communities, it is actually a great tactic for attracting more readers (and potential customers) to your website or blog. By being active in online communities, you can show yourself as an expert in your field and build a brand image of an authoritative figure. Moreover, such communities can also be a place to connect with your audience and interact with it.

The two best places for implementing this tactic are Quora and Reddit. On Quora, you can seek out questions relevant to your niche and answer them while including links to your website and any articles you have published about the topic. On Reddit, you can do something similar while also posting promotional content of your brand and products in dedicated communities, hosting AMAs, etc.

#4 Reach Out to Influencers in Your Niche

In a way, influencer marketing is similar to guest posting because you are getting exposure to an audience that isn’t part of your current audience but falls into the category of your target audience. However, instead of creating and publishing your own content on someone else’s platform, you let the influencer do the job themselves.

You can do influencer marketing by partnering either with other website and blog owners or by reaching out to influencers on social media. If you want more control over the kind of content the influencer posts about your brand, you can hire a professional writer from the writing services reviews site Write My Paper. This way, you can create high-quality content for the influencer to publish instead of them creating it on their own.

#5 Grow Your Social Media Presence

Speaking of social media, it’s important to grow your presence on different platforms because that will help you direct more people to your website or blog. Your follower base on different social media platforms can be engaging with you both on those platforms and elsewhere. For example, a Facebook post can contain links to your website which will help you generate traffic by directing people to your site.

What’s great about social media is that you can use a variety of techniques to generate traffic with its help. Links are one way to do this, but you can also host giveaways, run ad campaigns, and publish announcements about sales. All of these can help you get more people to visit your website.

#6 Focus on Your Email Marketing Strategy

In addition to social media marketing, it’s important to focus on your email marketing activities. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still very effective and can be used for lead generation and nurturing, sales, customer retention, and building customer loyalty among other things. Thus, it would be a huge mistake to focus on other digital marketing techniques while overlooking your email marketing strategy.

Start by growing your email list (and continue doing so even once you have a big enough list). You can hire an expert writer from the custom writing reviews site Best Essays to create emails for your campaigns. Don’t spam your subscribers and always focus on personalization (e.g. ask subscribers to specify which type of emails they want to receive). The more relevant the emails you send are, the more chances there are that the recipient will open them and click on the link directing the person to your website.

#7 Keep Improving Your Website

Last but not least, never stop improving your website. While publishing content and being active on different platforms can help you generate traffic, you still need to think about the experience users get while already being on your website. Here are some things you can do to improve your website:

  • Assess Your Website’s Optimization: On-site optimization is crucial, so you need to take care of your meta descriptions and titles, alt tags, and other details. Moreover, you should also take care of your website navigation and ensure that there are no bugs, the UI is good, and so on.
  • Update Your Keyword List Frequently: The keywords you use in your content, including visual content, need to be relevant and checked for search volume and competition. Some keywords that are trending at one point might not be as useful in a week or two.
  • Consider Creating a Forum on Your Website: You can simply enable comments under your posts or you can set up a forum section on your website to build a sense of community. This will encourage users to keep coming back to your site to interact with other users as well as your brand.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that different tactics will work better for different websites. The key here is to understand which techniques work for you and how you can maximize their effectiveness by pairing them up with each other. Use the tips in this article to help you improve your digital marketing strategy and increase your website traffic.

Author Bio: Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young is an academic writer with a great love for business literature and chamomile tea. She starts her day by reading articles in business magazines and ends up writing her own. She has been writing articles for blogs on marketing, business and self-education for several years now.