How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach for Your Brand

For any brand’s online marketing strategy to show results, there needs to be a steady flow of traffic. You can devise the perfect campaign with solid content, but it might be unsuccessful in driving engagement or traffic. The Facebook feed algorithm is constantly changing, and the rising volume of content published on the platform makes it challenging for every piece to perform well. 

In addition, the social media channel is designed to only deliver relevant content and ads to users to enhance user experience and boost overall engagement. This makes it extremely tough for brands to gain traffic and establish a loyal following for their business pages. But, there are some surefire ways to elevate Facebook organic reach and make it a powerful distribution channel for your content.

1 Test Your Post Formats 

You don’t just have to stick with the basic text and image posts on your profile. Facebook supports a range of post formats for you to choose from, which gives u enough to experiment with. Brands that only post simple images might witness a declining organic reach volume, and this is a sign that you should change up the type of content you share. 

Start creating some short and attractive videos that present quality content in a visually appealing form. The videos can include educational and informative content about your business, products, and how to use them, which will help prospects and prompt them to share it with their friends. 

Sharing different types of posts keep your feed from looking dull and uninviting. A lot of business profiles fail to keep things interesting online, which can lead people to mute your posts or simply unfollow your page. This brings us to our next tip; monitor the reactions and engagement metrics you receive on your posts. 

This helps you identify which post format is the most successful in producing positive impressions and has elevated your organic reach. Some of the post formats you can test out include GIFs, stories, blog posts, polls, images without links, and more. 

2 Go Live 

When experimenting with posting formats, a great technique to test out is going live from your business account. Live videos have a higher likelihood of creating conversations regarding a brand or product, and they’re said to get six times more interactions as compared to regular video content. 

Moreover, due to Facebook’s algorithm settings, these kinds of posts that generate heightened buzz are placed higher on users’ news feed. In general, people enjoy streaming live videos as it helps them feel a sense of community regardless of where they are in the world. It’s a great way for brands to connect with their audience and get to know them better, especially when so many of them are willing to interact with you in real-time. 

For example, hosting a live “Q&A” is one of the most engaging forms of live videos that brands can leverage to expand their reach. Companies can interact with their target audience, efficiently build rapport with viewers, and gather valuable insights about customer experiences with your brand. 

Brands that go Live regularly on their business accounts can establish a strong bonding with their followers and show them that they want to hear their opinions. You can experiment with a variety of topics on your lives and see what brings the highest level of engagement and positive impressions. 

Additionally, when hosting lives, it’s important to pay attention to what is trending online and any world affairs that you can raise awareness for. This humanizes your brand and exponentially boosts your online reach, resulting in higher traffic. 

3 Recognize the Optimal Posting Time 

Initially, when you start out with a social media strategy, you need to experiment with the schedule of your posts. Figuring out the right posting time is critical for the success of your marketing strategy and enhancing your organic reach. This means keeping a close eye on when your audience is online and is more likely to view and interact with your posts. 

Of course, you can’t learn this piece of information right away. But by monitoring your performance data and engagement metrics, marketers can recognize the hours that receive the most impressions and traffic. 

Once they’ve pinpointed the peak days and times, they can schedule posts for when their followers are more likely to be online and see the content on their feed. While you’re testing out the optimal time to post, focus on your posting tempo as well to see what frequency appeases your audience the most. 

4 Targetting

Targeting your posts can help make sure that they reach the right audience at the right time. Fortunately, Facebook has included the feature to help brands tailor their posts to relevant customers based on specific demographics. It allows you to target audiences based on their gender, age, and preferences to specify their reach to that particular group of individuals. 

Businesses can enable this feature to select targeting parameters that are essential to their business objectives and improve their overall reach. This method also helps you test the performance of your content for different audience groups and identify who is most likely to engage with your posts. 

For instance, if you run a carpet cleaning company, then you need to target adults, both male, and female that have the money to avail of your services and are geographically near your physical stores. This way, you increase the chance of attracting potential clients.

You can also optimize the content of your ad to become visible to future clients that search for your services online. For instance, you can include the keyword “carpet cleaning Dartford” in your content to target people who are looking for cleaning services in Dartford. This will not only boost organic traffic, but it will also ensure that the right people come to your website. 

Wrapping Up 

Be ready to experiment with your Facebook strategy and stay informed about the latest updates, so you know when to make changes to your practices. Focus on understanding your audience and their interests so you can streamline your content strategy to reach the right customers at the right time. Most importantly, track your engagement metrics to identify where organic traffic is coming from and how you can improve your brand’s visibility. 

Author Bio:
Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Carpet Cleaning Dartford.