How To Improve Your Company’s Customer Service When Working Remotely

In the age of Coronavirus, many employees have been forced to work from home, and will probably be working remotely for many months to come.

Even as the UK economy slowly reopens, companies are, understandably, reticent about reopening their offices. Many small businesses do not have space nor the resources to implement social distancing measures, and as such, they’re unable to bring their staff back to work safely. 

Just because your team is working from home, doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t still expecting the same exceptional standard of service.

In fact, now more than ever is the time to provide high-quality client services. Companies are going bust at a dramatic rate thanks to the virus and economic shutdown that it led to, so you need to make sure that your company does everything possible to retain customers and stay afloat. 

If you want to find out how you can improve your company’s customer service while your team works remotely, then read on to find some expert tips. 

Support Your Staff

Your team are the ones who will be working with your clients, so if they’re not motivated and committed to customer service, then they won’t provide it to an acceptable standard. As such, it’s imperative that you provide your staff with the support they need, despite the fact that they’re working from home. Host regular meetings and make it clear that every member of staff has a point of call in the senior management team. They can easily reach out to them if they need anything, be it emotional support during these trying times or assistance with their work. This approach will make all of your staff feel valued and lead them to work hard on behalf of your customers. 

Implement A CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can help you to save your team time while still allowing them to offer clients an exceptional standard of service. For instance, there are Alternative Solutions which offers CRM implementation and integration with your other solutions, like Salesforce. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly and easily introduce a CRM system that allows you to seamlessly map the customer journey and make it as smooth and simple as possible.  

Communicate With Clients

The pandemic has left many customers feeling uncertain, so it’s crucial that you show them that your business is still open and supporting them, despite the challenges they face. Share regular social media posts, blog updates and newsletters with your customers, so that you can show that your organisation remains open for business. You could also consider offering a discount or promotion to make customers feel valued and give them an incentive to continue to work with your company. 

Ask For Feedback

Customer service revolves around providing your clients with the service and support that they want. To find out what they want and expect, you need to communicate with your clients and offer them the chance to give feedback, which you can then try to implement. Encourage your clients to give feedback on the services they receive from your company and how they can be improved, then review this feedback with your senior team. You can then decide how you are going to incorporate your clients’ comments and ideas into your current business processes to give them what they want. 

Customer service is the backbone of every successful business, and with a pandemic happening and a potential recession looming, you need to be offering the best service possible if you want your company to survive. Use these tips to boost your customer service and reduce your firm’s client turnover.