How to improve customer experience [2019 trends & strategy]

How to improve customer experience [2019 trends & strategy]

This article is one of the most comprehensive that I have read on CX (Customer Experience) and in the Digital Marketing context just becomes more and more important.  EVERY touchpoint is important and that, of course, includes web, social media and email interactions just to name some.  I would strongly recommend a read of this article.

We recently asked 2,000 customer experience (CX) professionals about the state of their company’s customer experience strategies, methods, goals, and obstacles.

We wanted to know, “What are companies that are delivering an outstanding customer experience doing differently than everyone else?”

In this in-depth study, we’ll share with you:

  • The one thing customer experience leaders prioritize above everything else
  • The main drivers & methods they use to create and execute their CX strategies successfully
  • The biggest obstacles that keep them from achieving their CX goals (and what they’re doing to overcome those obstacles)
  • The #1 frustration customers face throughout their overall experience

So, let’s dive into the data and learn not only what are successful companies doing differently, but what you can do to improve your company’s customer experience.

Check out this new study by Squaretalk on how to improve customer experience