How to Grow Your Online Presence to Generate Awareness and LeadsHow to Grow Your Online Presence to Generate Awareness and Leads

How to Grow Your Online Presence to Generate Awareness and Leads

Online presence is no more about creating a brand page on popular social networks. Since a lot has changed in the past few years, a strong web presence has become more critical for businesses looking to expand their customers’ reach and brand exposure. 

Post pandemic era has given businesses an idea about changing consumer behavior and shopping patterns. And now, more and more companies are determined to tap into this innovative medium of attracting customers and generating leads. Here is how to grow your online presence to grow profits and customers.

1. Start with Blog Updates

Blogging is an effective platform to share ideas, news, and information about your current product offering and upcoming launches. Blogging is how people can better understand your products and even read more about your company. And how it is different or better than other brands in the same category. 

The blog is not just about products or services, and it can be a tutorial to help people use your products better or a news update about a feature you are going to add to your product. Blogging helps generate more website traffic to your product pages and, in turn, generates sales. You can learn how to boost your business with blogging by reading this post.

2. Build Online Community

Online communities are hidden gems to start conversations and get into the head of your customers. Communities are pretty much casual and you can talk to your customers leaving your brand image on the table, and you can talk to them in general and ask for feedback on a one-on-one basis. Communities are a breeding ground for innovative practices and creative ideas from your customers that can give your products an edge to build successful offerings.

Facebook is one of the popular places to build communities. You can create quality content that people engage with and actively encourage people to share feedback. 

3. Spend on Marketing Channel

Your website is your customer’s ultimate destination. More people learn and visit your website, and the chances of a new sale or lead increase tremendously. If you have kept a budget for paid advertising, choosing the platform for advertising should be given considerable thought. Make sure you optimize your ads by targeting your customers based on the data available. Many people commit the mistake of spending big and then paying the prices. There are some obstacles to running successful ad campaigns that you must be aware of and not leave it for later. 

There are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC, and a lot of other popular advertising channels. But each one of the advertising platforms has its own techniques and inside tactics to capture customers and generate leads. Make sure to learn each one of the advertising methodology perfectly to gain better Return on Investment on your ad spending.

4. Contribute to Popular Blogs

Blogging is not limited to creating high quality content and publishing it on your platform. When your website is new, you have a limited audience and visitors to read the blogs. Thus, there are very few conversions and purchases on your website. An excellent way to increase exposure and connect to an entirely new audience is contributing to popular blogs in your industry. 

When you contribute to popular blogs in your industry, you connect to an untapped audience that you have otherwise not known before, this is the magic of guest blogging and you slowly build a loyal audience to your website. And that audience might like to purchase and keep visiting your website in the future. This is how you slowly and steadily build your online presence. Read this post to learn ways to generate leads with a blogging strategy.

5. Video Blogging

Video blogging has grown like a wildfire in the past few years. Perhaps due to the emergence of micro video creation and sharing platforms like Tiktok and snapchat. You can start creating short and appealing videos of your products that are entertaining and informative at the same time. And you will be able to reach a major audience in a pretty short interval. You can also utilize popular social sites like facebook and Youtube that have a huge number of people reaching and viewing videos everyday. It can be a great way to attract new generations who are the primary consumers of these platforms.

Growing your web presence is definitely slow and would take a careful but determined approach to finally see surprising results. All it takes is a wise marketing strategy to give your online presence a much needed boost.