How to Get More Business Leads from Your Blog

What is the purpose of a blog?

If you write a blog for your business, the answer is obvious – lead generation!

Best case scenario, your blog boosts your SEO rankings, gets your website (and therefore your products and services) to the front page of Google and other search engine results, drives people to click, read, and learn more, and then converts them into a hot lead that can’t wait to become a paying customer. 

But let’s be honest…

Is your blog generating any leads for you?

When was the last time you got a subscriber to your blog?

What about a comment?

Do you post on social media about your blog content get met with crickets?

Is your site above the Google “fold,” or is it lost somewhere on the 27th page of search results?

For most business blogs out there, the answers to the above questions might be a bit on the depressing side. A lot of business owners who are blogging for their business get stuck in the old mindset of just publishing content for the sake of publishing content.

Newsflash – that style of business blogging does not work anymore!

If you are not publishing with a PLAN, you are wasting your time. 


Because there are somewhere around 10 million blog posts posted each day. Being heard among that much internet noise is not something that happens by accident. 

Here are some more blog statistics from

  • “Each month, 70 million new posts appear on WordPress blogs alone
  • The monthly readership on WordPress alone is 409 million people
  • For comparison, Tumblr is the home of about 450 million blogs
  • Even though the average blog post contains 1150 words…
  • …the average time spent on blog posts is only 16 seconds; of course, bounce rates skewer this number.”

So, if publishing content for the sake of publishing content no longer works – what does work?

Some might be tempted to think that the answers to this million-dollar question is paid advertisements. However, as we will see, small and medium-sized businesses are pretty much pushed out of being able to compete against big companies with giant ad buy budgets. 

So, the answer is NOT just publishing a blog to post a blog. 

The answer is NOT buying expensive (and ineffective) ads.


The answer is – having a strategy for lead generation that you implement into your blog.

Today we’re giving you lead generation strategies that you need to transform your blog from a dead page lost somewhere on the internet into a lead generating machine. 

Enjoy the read, and make sure to implement what you learn!