How to Gain Real Twitter Followers in 2022

How to Gain Real Twitter Followers in 2022

Twitter is the famous and oldest social media platform. Nowadays Twitter has billions of users itself. Many well-known personalities and many brands use Twitter to make him more popular. A large number of audiences are easily influenced by new brands on Twitter when he posts on Twitter about his new product. Because Twitter is the most trusted social media platform. But on twitter only one thing matters and that is your followers count. When you have an account on Twitter but don’t have the desired number of followers, you also have quality content. In that case, no one will easily connect with you. A desired number of followers attract more of the audience also you get many proposals from well-known brands for marketing. But the question is how you gain real followers for your account. So the solution to that problem is given below. Follow these steps and you will get success in your followers. 

1) Optimize your Twitter Profile

Profile is the center piece of Twitter. Anybody who hits follows buttons before he checks your profile. So before doing anything start with this initial step create and optimize your profile because your profile looks to convey trustworthiness and credibility. The second step is a username. You are free to post any of the user names according to your choice. Many choose a username similar to his name. But if you have a business and opt for Twitter for branding and marketing so choose your username similar to your business name that is easily searchable and memorable. Besides the username add header photo and profile photo. Choose a photo that defines you. For business purposes, you choose your brand logo photo. Always remember to choose a description eye-catching, try to use idioms and phrases on that. Because that is an excellent opportunity for introducing your profile to those who visit your profile. Everyone knows the first impression is the last impression so work on it. Follow these steps for optimizing your profile.

2) Be Active

Twitter is a highly used social media platform that can handle a huge volume of tweets every day. On twitter per hour, thousands of tweets are posted. Also, every tweet presents an opportunity to increase your visibility. Those account holders who are looking to gain more followers are tweeting actively. That is the main reason why many users are always active on Twitter. If your followers analyze that you will never post consistently then they unfollow you and are also not interested in your posts. Always be consistent in posting tweets. Shows your online presence through posts consistently. If you are busy and don’t have any time slots for posting. So use a scheduler for posting. 

3) Link your Twitter Profile to your Blog, Website

Social media is one of the best tools for increasing your popularity in a short time. When we come on Twitter it is the oldest and also trustworthy social media platform. If you want to increase your follower’s count, link your Twitter profile with your blog address, website, and other social media platforms. Because it gives you direct benefit. On other platforms, many of the audience is also attracted to you. Here are relevant things you should be doing to gain more followers.

* On your other website add a Twitter follow button.

* In your posts insert a Twitter share button at the starting or end. 

* In your author bio adds a link to your Twitter profile.

* In your articles or blog posts embed tweets.

* In your blog posts add quotes or any other tweetable content. 

So that is an important step that helps you gain more followers on your Twitter account. So follow these and increase your popularity.