How to Develop Your Business in 2021 Using Instagram Insights?

Instagram is a widely used social media platform. An individual typically spends one out of every 5 mins on the app. The app was launched as a photo-sharing platform in 2010 and since its launch, it has revolutionised the way people live. With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012, the app has turned into Ecommerce platform for businesses. The app currently enjoys millions of users all over the world. Instagram always works on new updates and comes up with improved algorithms and exciting features every few months. One such feature is Instagram Insights.

What is Instagram Insights?

In the pandemic hit world, social media platforms are being used to promote businesses and increase sales. To make your business successful and develop effective marketing strategies, you need to have data to understand your audience. This data will give insights on tastes and preferences of your audience. This will help you in hitting a mark in your business. Apart from this, data helps you in understanding how effective your marketing efforts are and make changes if necessary or experiment with new content formats.

Instagram Insights helps you with getting this data. It is a feature that gives access to the analytics related to profile and posts of business account users. These analytics can then be used for creating a more effective instagram strategy and helps improve your engagement with the audience.

How to Access Instagram Insights?

It is very simple to access instagram insights on your business account. All you need to do is go to your profile page on the instagram app. There will be a button under your bio that says “insights.” As soon as you click the button, an overview page appears, showing the statistics of the previous 7 days or 30 days. You will get the following information-

●  Percentage of new accounts reached, compared to last week.

●  Percentage of interactions with your content, compared to last week

●  Growth of followers, compared to last week

●  List of all the content that you have shared along with the list of stories posted by your profile.

Metrics Provided by Instagram Insights

Find more info here about the metrics available on instagram insights. There are a total of three categories on instagram insights.

Accounts Reached

The accounts reached category consists of bar chart, impressions, account activity(which includes profile visits and website taps), top posts, top stories and top IGTV videos of your content.

Content Interactions

The Content Interactions category consists of data compared to previous week. This includes total interactions, post,story and IGTV interactions, and top posts, top stories and top IGTV videos in terms of interaction. 

Total Followers

This category contains follower breakdown, overall growth of your page, top location, age and gender information and active times.

How to Use Instagram Insights to Develop Your Business?

Find more info here on how to use this new feature effectively to grow your business.

Using Account Reached Metric

With the help of the Account Reached metric, you get information on how many unique accounts have got a glimpse of your content. Impressions give you the number of times a particular content has been displayed. Each time a user sees your content you will get one impression. If the same user scrolls through the content twice, it equals two impressions but one reach. Most businesses aim for better reach while building their brand awareness. Better reach will help you gain potential customers for your business. As a business, if you are looking for an increase in your sales, you need to ensure that you have a better reach, good profile visits and website clicks.

Analyzing Content Interactions

Content Interactions is an effective metric to grow your business. The sole purpose of posting content is to garner likes, comments and shares. You can analyze your posts and look at what type of content is generating more likes. You can then adjust your content to what the users are responding to the most. This will eventually increase the reach of your business.

By using this metric, you will get to study which post of yours actually did well. You can then invest your time in understanding what made it so impactful and appealing to the audience. After this, you need to incorporate these positive aspects into your future content. Do the same for your posts that didn’t do well. See what went wrong and try to adjust your content strategy to your followers preferences. You can even hire an Top Instagram Post Designer to design your content.

Another way to garner audience attention is by using the carousel feature for posting informative stuff. The engagement rate for a carousel post is comparatively higher. In case this is not yielding any results, then you should really question if the posts you are sharing are really informative.

If you want to generate more clicks for your business website, you will need to offer better photo quality, reconsider your hashtags and focus on posting with perfect caption. Ensure that your post caption isn’t long. Following these will increase your user engagement. Hire an Instagram Post Designer to help you frame perfect captions for your posts.

Unlike other analytics, the statistics for stories disappear after 14 days. So, it is necessary for you to review these insights frequently. 

Increasing Your Followers

Once analyzing your reach and content insights, you should try relating follower metrics to the things you have learnt until now. You need to check if your good reach and content interaction is actually reflecting on your follower growth. Take your time and pay attention to every insight. Try asking yourself the following questions while analyzing your statistics.

●  Does the insights go with your target audience?

●  Can you improve your content to cater to your audience?

●  Are you posting at the right time? Right time implies the peak in activity on the app. If your posts are not getting much attention, try figuring out when the activity is high and make changes accordingly.

Make optimum use of every insight and improve the strategies to grow your business.

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