How to Build a Thriving Physical Therapy Platform Online

How to Build a Thriving Physical Therapy Platform Online

Today’s consumer is hip to worn-out sales tactics that have been handed down from the days of television commercials and magazine spreads. No one wants to feel like they’re being talked at or sold to at every turn. So how do you as a business owner convince your target audience of the value of your Physical Therapy practice in ways that are genuine and add value? Try content marketing!

Content marketing is essentially an ongoing conversation between you and consumers. They get to see you in action as you answer their most critical questions about wellness in creative and engaging ways. Here’s how to do it.

1. Specify Your Niche and Cater to it

Everybody does something well. The more you can narrow your niche and highlight the therapies that your clinic is known for, the easier it will be for your target audience to find you.

To hone in on your target market, ask yourself questions like:

·      Who will my readers be?

·       What problems will they need help solving?

·       What unique therapies can I use to solve client problems?

·       Which content platforms will I use? 

·       Who will manage writing and updates for my content, and how will posting be scheduled?

2. Give Readers the Information they Want

Since most searches for products or services begin online, that’s where most of your potential clients will find you. Once they land on your website, it’s important to have captivating content that immediately answers a question or solves a problem for them. Once they’re hooked, you can direct them to other pages of your website where they can find additional health resources.

You should create a separate landing page for each area of expertise and create storylines around client testimonials, new therapy methods, cutting-edge technologies and equipment, and scientific developments that relate to your specialities.

Eye-catching photos from your real-life sessions can make your content even more relatable. Plus, infographics that combine striking images with concrete data that shows the effectiveness of therapies can really help to illustrate your know-how.

A reputable web development company like Clever Solution can assist with this if you are not sure how to create a clean, professional website. They’ll help you develop a winning website and an effective physical therapy online marketing strategy that will help you grow your business exponentially.

3. Be Entertaining

People go on social media to hang out and have fun, but they also use it to leverage the most effective form of advertising—word of mouth. Social platforms have evolved into spaces where consumers and businesses can communicate on a level playing field, in an informal setting.

SM allows you to distribute news and information to countless potential clients, quickly and in ways that help you quickly build trust. Once you share a funny meme, poignant quote, or powerful testimonial that people like, many will share it. Providing you with the most convincing form of advertising there is, on autopilot.

You can also share photo reels, videos, and text posts that answer important questions, or that allow your profile visitors to get to know your staff.  Consumers will recognize your professional expertise, but they’ll also relate to your humanity.

4. Stay Relevant in Print

It is relatively easy to engage with potential clients online, but there’s still a place for print advertising. When you’re travelling, attending workshops or conferences, or even as you commute daily, there are opportunities to hand a newsletter, postcard, or business card to someone who may need your services.

Use those tools, along with pamphlets, refrigerator magnets, and other print advertising options, to give potential clients a tangible reminder of your practice. When they open their purse, empty their pockets, or pick up a flyer you gave them, they’ll be reminded of the value your practice has to offer.

5. Stay in Touch with Email

Users who trust you enough to give you their contact information provide a perfect opportunity for new client engagement. They are waiting for you to consistently provide them with news and information that meets their needs.

Flesh out your emails with the same content you publish on your blog, website, or social media feed. You can repackage it into longer-form articles, games, questionnaires, and other exclusive content that only your newsletter readers get to enjoy. It will make them feel like they’re getting the royal treatment, and it will provide a good incentive for others to sign up.

Keep the Conversation Going to Attract Clients

In a single view, online content marketing can produce results that would take traditional advertising at least seven views to accomplish. When you engage in meaningful exchanges that meet your potential clients’ needs, you can create a web presence that thrives, just like the people whose lives you’ve changed.


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