How to Build a Link-Building Strategy For Your Site

How to Build a Link-Building Strategy For Your Site

Link building is an important way for online businesses and blog sites to make their presence known online. It’s challenging to get yourself noticed on the internet’s vast ocean of sites, but a link-building strategy can help. Here are some tips you can use to build your link-building strategy.

Know Your Audience

One of the most helpful things you can do before you go down this route is to get to know your audience. The more you know them, the better your link-building strategy will be.

You want sites to link back to yours, but you want to be certain that the sites where your site is featured attract your audience. There’s no way to do this if you don’t know much about your audience. What types of things would your audience search for? What types of sites would they visit?

Make a List

Okay, the next thing you want to do is make a list of sites that you think would appeal to your audience. These are the sites you’ll need to establish some sort of relationship with because they might link back to your site. 

You want to be featured on these sites, so consider starting a guest post campaign. This post-campaign offers an opportunity to create great content catered to your audience and provides a wonderful way to link back to your site. Remember that this could mean offering a guest post to sites you’ve established a relationship with, or it could mean having a guest writer for your website.

Write Good Work

If your goal is to get sites to link back to your posts, then your posts need to be perfect. Each post needs to be written well. This means no errors, and it needs to flow naturally. Not only that, the content has to be fun or, at least, engaging.

If they don’t accomplish these things, then other sites won’t want to link to your site even if you offer good information. Be sure that your content is fact-checked as well. You also don’t want your content to feel thin, nor do you want it to feel repetitive. Strive to be as original as possible and don’t try to be overly promotional. Make sure that the content is organic and informational. 

Content First, Links Second

While high-quality content makes the biggest difference when trying to see a benefit from the link-building campaign, making sure to place your links strategically is the main point in creating this strategy. When creating a guest post, include a link back to one of your site’s pages that is relevant to the content. If you do not include a link in the content, it will not have any benefit to your site which should be the purpose of your link-building campaign. 

Make sure to also include internal links in the content that is on your website. Having internal links allows Google’s Bots to properly crawl, and index your website and it decreases your bounce rate. Do not forget internal linking in your link-building strategy. For example, if you have written content about digital marketing courses you will want to include a relevant digital marketing course link to complement the article. 

Get to Studying

You know you’ll need to establish a relationship with some of these sites. You don’t know if you’ll be able to, but you are going to try, and that’s the best you’ve got. The thing is that you have to do the work before you try to establish this relationship, and that means studying the sites before you make contact.

You need to know what they are about, such as their audience. Learn everything you can. If you make contact and they respond, knowing them intimately shows that you care and have their best interest at heart. The chances that you’ll establish a relationship are much higher if you do this before you contact anyone.

Make Contact

Every link-building strategy includes establishing a relationship with a site. This means you have to make contact. If you feel you’re ready and have great content that these sites might be interested in, then go for it.

Make contact by sending the content you feel best matches their audience. Be sure it matches and don’t send more than one. Site runners don’t have time to read all of your content. Just send the piece you feel has the best chance of being chosen. Keep in mind that sending more than one makes you look spammy, and that’s not good for your brand.

Using Social Media

Social media platforms give you an effective way to build links. This is true because you can tag folks who might love your article and might link to your post on their own. That link may reach a new audience who might link to your site again.

Again, this only works if you offer high value in each post and share posts with people you know who will appreciate the knowledge in your posts. This is why getting to know your audience is one of the most important steps to take as a growing online business.


Hopefully, these suggestions make it easier to build a strong link-building strategy. Try to work with a professional or a service that can help guide you in the right direction.