How to Build a Following as a Travel Blogger

How to Build a Following as a Travel Blogger

Some people love to look at travel blogs, so they can learn about different areas and find some places to visit. If you enjoy traveling and blogging, you may want to create a travel blog and share your experiences with others. However, you need to build a following if you want a great blog, so you should use these tips to build yourself up as a blogger.

Take Plenty of Pictures

While blogs focus on words and presenting information, you also need to post pictures on your blog. This means you should take pictures as you travel, so you can show the area off to your readers. That way, they can see what the area looks like while you also use the pictures to improve your blog posts.

For example, some people may find it hard to go through a blog without some breaks in it, so you can utilize the pictures to create breaks. On top of that, if you take your pictures during the trip, you have unique images, so you can make your blog stand out.

Don’t Ignore Local Areas

Many times, travel bloggers focus on going around to new areas and visiting different countries, but some people want to look at local areas. If you want to make your travel blog stand out, you could seek a local audience rather than a general one. While niche audiences don’t always grow as large, you have less competition to deal with.

For example, if you make a blog post about a visit to Europe, you have to compete with tons of other bloggers who have larger audiences than you. However, if you visit West Virginia state parks, you can have a more specialized audience and use them to gain more followers.

Write Some Guest Posts

You also need to spend some time writing blog posts as a guest on other sites. This seems counterproductive, but you can reach out to new people and build a bigger following by working with other blogs. This means you should contact a blog with similar content to yours and see if you can write a blog for them.

When you create a blog post, you can incorporate a link to your blog, so you can get more people to check out your blog. Many times, blog readers will read multiple blogs, so it doesn’t hurt to seek and grow your audience by working with other bloggers in your industry.

Focus on Your Reputation

You should also focus on improving your reputation as a blogger. Many times, bloggers become so focused on creating blogs they forget to improve their reputations among other bloggers. This involves improving your credibility, showing off different parts of your blogs, and working hard to make your blog unique among other options.

For example, you can bring up unique facts or mention other details bloggers don’t talk about. As you do so, people will recognize your blog as responsible and informative. Due to this point, you should spend some time identifying different ways you can make your blog more credible, so you can increase your overall reputation.

Work on Your Social Media Presence

You need an easy way to advertise your blog for free, so you should do so through your social media accounts. Social media allows you to make posts and incorporate links, so you can show your business off to potential readers. Not only can they share those posts on social media, but this could help you get more views on your blog.

The social media post should discuss what the blog talks about, include a link and encourage others to share it with people. This approach helps you make the most of your advertising through social media posts, so make sure you effectively present this information to all of your potential readers.


Creating a blog lets you talk with people about your experiences as a travel blogger, though no one wants to talk to an empty room. If you want to share your travel blog and gain a following, you should utilize the tips above. Each one focuses on helping you improve as a blogger while also encouraging others to read your blog.

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