How to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

How to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

Whether you’re looking to grow your business connections or broaden your personal network, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for finding like-minded people from your industry. With over 750 million users worldwide, LinkedIn allows you to connect with the right people and build valuable relationships.

However, navigating LinkedIn isn’t always easy. You need to know how to attract the right people and how to keep them interested once you’re connected. 

Here are 9 tips to help you boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Optimize your profile

There are many company pages on LinkedIn. However, personal profiles are still more popular on the platform. They gain more views and generate higher engagement. It seems like LinkedIn users simply prefer to interact and engage with real people and establish personal connections.

In order to utilize this tendency to its fullest potential, you need to make sure to present yourself in the best possible light. This means that your profile needs to be fully optimized.

From a profile picture that puts a face on a name to your job and education history that gives insight into your background, completing your profile with as much information as possible will help you let other users know exactly who is behind the profile they’re interacting with. Review your LinkedIn profile to make sure it’s well optimized.

Don’t forget to update your information

Setting up your profile is not a one-time project. You also need to remember to update it whenever there are any changes in your career.

Whether you started a new position or mastered a new skill, regular profile updates will help you appear in relevant searches and boost your visibility. The more visible your profile is, the more engagement you’ll generate.

Additionally, outdated information can lead other users to assume that your profile is not active and, therefore, not worth engaging with.

Don’t overlook text-only posts 

While other social media channels are heavily focused on visuals, on LinkedIn, text-only posts tend to generate more engagement. LinkedIn actually prefers content that keeps users on the platform instead of sharing external content, so text-only posts get more visibility, expand your reach, and improve your engagement.

However, you do need to make sure that your posts are interesting and eye-catching enough for people to stop and actually read them. You should use simple language, show facts and actionable advice, and always end with a strong CTA to maximize engagement.

Check for spelling errors

No matter how useful the content you share is, poor grammar and spelling errors can diminish your credibility. That’s why it’s important always to proofread anything you post on LinkedIn. Maintaining proper grammar will show that you’re credible, trustworthy, and worth engaging with.

Posting consistency is key

The more you post, the more likely your content is to be discovered by others. Additionally, LinkedIn actually recommends those who post more frequently. Aim to post at least once or twice per day, but you can go up to three to four times each day. Just make sure that you’re not focusing solely on quantity and that all of your posts are high-quality and relevant. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Interact with your connections

Once someone accepts your request to connect, the game has only begun. You need to make sure to interact with your connections and nurture relationships regularly. Whether by engaging with their posts or sending personalized messages to touch base, you want to avoid neglecting your connections and letting your relationship go cold.

However, it can be difficult to keep track of all your contacts, especially as LinkedIn doesn’t really offer a good overview of your network. If you don’t know how to view connections on LinkedIn more efficiently, you will have trouble keeping track of who your connections are and whether you already contacted them or not.

Luckily, there are third-party LinkedIn management tools that can help you organize your network and boost engagement with your connections.

What’s more, you can also export LinkedIn connections and use the contact information to connect with them on other platforms as well. 

Be active in relevant groups

Becoming a member of relevant LinkedIn groups is one of the best ways to find new people from your industry, build new relationships, and boost engagement. It allows you to establish yourself as an industry leader, share insightful content, and offer actionable advice to other professionals.

Industry-related groups are also a great place for monitoring competitors and finding out what they are sharing, what they are good at, and what they are missing. This can give you insight into your target audience and help you craft highly targeted content that directly addresses their needs.

Ask for endorsements and recommendations

Recommendations and endorsements provide proof that you’re effective and established in your line of work. Aim to have around four or five recommendations. Don’t be afraid to politely ask your professional contacts or clients to endorse your skills or share their experience of working with you. It will make a big difference and help you establish authority.

Make sure your profile and your content are mobile-friendly

Given that the majority of traffic on LinkedIn comes from mobile devices, you need to make sure that your profile and everything else you post also looks good on small screens.

This will make it easier for others to find, connect, and engage with you even no matter which device they’re using.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Using hashtags is essential if you want your posts to be visible on any social media platform. LinkedIn is no different. To make your content easily searchable and boost the visibility of your posts, make sure always to include relevant hashtags. Just make sure not to overdo it – six hashtags per post is generally more than enough.

Over to you

LinkedIn is a platform with huge potential, and when utilized properly, it can help you find new business connections and build valuable relationships.

Optimize your profile, make sure to post high-quality, relevant content regularly, get endorsements and recommendations, be active in relevant groups, and take time to interact with your connections to boost your visibility and maximize engagement on LinkedIn.