How to Attract New Talent By Improving Your Business Website

How to Attract New Talent By Improving Your Business Website

In today’s technological world, there’s no excuse for having an outdated, slow, and uninspiring website, especially as a business owner. The importance of a great site isn’t just essential from a client’s perspective. 

If you’re looking to grow your business internally or simply want to fill your vacancies with the best talent, your website is one of the first places they will look before applying. And these few minutes can determine whether or not they click send on their application.

Developing a great website that authentically reflects your business is a great place to start attracting talented candidates. Here’s all you need to know.

Why is a good website essential for attracting new employees?

A good website provides a window into your business. It allows job seekers to understand the most important features of your business such as your services or products, values, and work environment. All of which will determine whether someone thinks they’re a good fit and would enjoy working for you.

Online job board Monster explains job searching as a two-way mirror. While you as an employer may be checking out a candidate’s social profiles to learn more about them, on the other hand, they’ll be doing their own research — and it’s likely to start at your website. If your site doesn’t get people engaged then attracting new talent is less likely.

Furthermore, the world of recruitment has nearly flipped 180 degrees since COVID-19. Whereas employers used to have more options when selecting candidates from a pool, changing attitudes toward work, expectations, and in-demand roles give job seekers more power. If you’re having difficulty filling the most in-demand positions, you may consider expanding your workforce internally (which can be a great option), but developing your website is a simple yet effective way of showcasing your company in a way that entices people to join. As a result, you will outperform your competitors in filling in-demand roles.

A good website offers the following recruitment benefits:

  • Your business will be more attractive to highly skilled candidates.
  • You have a better chance of employing people who are a great fit for your business.
  • You’ll create a good first impression.
  • A well-maintained website can boost SEO and help your job postings rank higher.

How to make your company website more attractive to potential candidates?

So, now that you understand the significance of a good business website, it’s time to learn what you can do to make it more appealing to candidates. There is plenty you can do regardless of the size of your company. Most importantly, your website should be genuine, informative, and engaging.

Think about what you look for in new employers. Are you keen to learn more about the team? Are you interested in learning about their values? Most people will look at the same key areas so start with the core information and build out your site.

Share what it’s like to work there

Candidates will imagine themselves working at your company before applying for a position. Your website should give them an idea of what they can expect. Flexible working was the third most popular motivator for finding a new job in a 2022 McKinsey study of over 25,000 respondents, so if you offer to work from home or hybrid roles, publicise it!

Today’s job seekers expect some degree of adaptability. Even better, if you’re open to hiring internationally or already have international employees, let people know. Employer of record services like Remote make it simple for businesses to employ people worldwide, so if that’s a key part of your business, then make sure you’re open about it on your website. Adding a case study or getting quotes from your existing employees can provide great insight.

Invest in a functional and well-designed site 

Consider this: you find a job listing that sounds ideal for you, but when you visit the company’s website, it falls short of your expectations. The theme is outdated, unresponsive, and lacks excitement. A website that does not function properly does not give the impression of a professional business. Furthermore, if you don’t care about the impression you’re giving off, it may imply that you’re overlooking other important areas that may affect your employees — a potential red flag.

Out-of-date websites can look suspicious, and nobody wants to work for a dodgy-looking employer! But you don’t have to spend large amounts of money to make your website look presentable and function well. Invest in web design services, get problems fixed as soon as they occur to avoid downtime (and prevent missed opportunities for converting potential candidates) and ensure that it’s easy to navigate.

Showcase your success

Updating your website regularly is very important to ensure that the information you’re sharing is relevant. One area where this can work very well is showcasing your success. If you are able to, why not share some incredible results that you’ve achieved for well-known clients? Or, talk about the awards or industry-related success that you’ve accomplished. Sharing your achievements can make your business extremely attractive for new talent.

Writing updates or blogs on your news page is a great way to archive your performance as a business, and it won’t go unnoticed. Better yet, if a potential new joiner spots one of their dream clients that you’ve done big things with, these will make them even more eager to be a part of your business. 

Share your company values

Adding your company values to your website is a great way to attract new talent. It’s important that the people you hire align with your principles and standards equally. This can be an important factor in engaging new talent.

There are many benefits of sharing your values online. Most importantly, values are becoming increasingly important to job seekers, who, before applying for a position, will consider what an organization believes in rather than just what it does. Make sure your values are clearly displayed on your site, and you’ll have candidates who are a fantastic match.

Making sure your website accurately represents your company is critical to attracting new talent. If you follow our top tips, you will be able to attract a skilled workforce who will breathe new life into your company.