How Explainer Videos Can Help Increase Your SEO & Online Presence in 2021

How Explainer Videos Can Help Increase Your SEO & Online Presence in 2021

Video marketing is the best type of branding you can opt for to grow your business. Though, there are other forms of content marketing, but videos are the most effective & popular. People love watching videos. 

If we look at a few statistics: 

  • 86% of video marketers claim that video content has helped them get more traffic to their website
  • 94% of video marketers claim that video content helps consumers understand their product or service better
  • The most common types of video content are explainer videos, and 73% videos that are created are explainer videos for marketing purposes. 

There has been a drastic change in the SEO space and the rules of the search engine algorithms due to various advancements in machine learning and AI. The two important factors to remember while optimizing websites for SEO are: 

  • Intention of the visitor searches
  • The route people take to search for the website

Now more & more businesses are switching to video to optimize the content on their websites. Explainer videos are a good medium for brands who wish to inform & educate their customers as soon as they land on their website. 

Explainer videos are short videos, usually 60-90 second long, providing a crisp & clear explanation of a product or service. 

In this article, we will take a look at how you can use explainer videos to boost your website’s SEO & online presence in 2021. 

Video Marketing Tips/Strategies For Boosting SEO & Online Presence in 2021

  1. Attract More Website Traffic

Explainer videos are entertaining & fun to watch. These keep the viewers hooked to the website. If we talk about content marketing, videos have proven to generate higher traffic than blogs. People find videos more interesting than reading a lengthy article. 

Customers prefer to learn about a brand through these animated explainer videos. They don’t mind sharing these with others too. Therefore, there’s a significant increase in the website’s traffic. 

  1. Feature Your Explainers on Search Engines×572.png

You must have seen YouTube videos showing on Google. When we type relevant keywords, related videos appear on the top of the Google search results. So, if you optimize your explainer videos for YouTube, it will more likely rank on Google search results. 

As YouTube is the most popular search engine for videos, if you post an engaging explainer video on it, it will generate a substantial amount of traffic to your website. 

Besides, adding a CTA will lead your visitors to your website thereby increasing the traffic as well as the rankings. 

  1. Higher Click-Through Rates

What is a click-through rate? And, what is its purpose? It is the ratio of people who click on a particular link to the total number of users who see a page, ad or an e-mail. It is a metric that determines the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. So, a higher click-through rate means higher traffic and a better ranking. 

So, how to increase these click-through rates? The answer is simple. Incorporate explainer videos on your website, and see how your click-through rates increase. Explainer videos easily draw people’s attention and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. 

  1. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers work excellent in promoting a brand or product. But how do they contribute to boosting SEO and the online presence of a website? 

Influencers are efficient in attracting a large number of followers with the content they publish on different platforms. Their audience is influenced by their views & opinion about a specific product or service. This raises the brand value of a company. 

Additionally, influencers also allow businesses to earn inbound links that also drive traffic to a website. The best way to get an influencer to promote your product or brand is by giving them something that their followers will love, and the key to this is an exciting explainer video. 

  1. Improve Retention Rate 

Google algorithms monitor the websites that are easily accessible, search the most relevant & popular keywords, and move from links to links to collect data for the Google server. However, Google takes into consideration other factors too for knowing search rankings. 

Google keeps an eye on the time spent by the users on a website. The average duration of time that is spent by users on a webpage is less than 15 seconds. Whereas, the standard session duration should be from 2-3 minutes. In order to retain visitors for a longer period of time, explainer videos can be published on a website. 

This boosts the average retention rate by almost 1500%. 

  1. Optimize Your Social Signals 

Social signals are good indicators of a website’s performance and play a huge role in determining its ranking on search engines. So, you must optimize your social signals. 

By publishing explainer videos on different social media platforms, you will widen your reach and improve backlinks, thereby leading to enhanced social signals. This ultimately results in more traffic & better search rankings of your website. 

  1. Get Quality Backlinks

There’s no guarantee of being on the top of the search results. However, few fundamental practices will increase your chances of achieving higher SEO rankings. One such way to do this is by placing backlinks on your content featuring on high ranking websites. 

However, don’t expect such websites to allow publishing any random content unless it adds value to their brand and audience. You must offer quality content. 

This is where explainer videos come into play. Videos can be posted independently or can be associated with their content. Therefore, if you provide them valuable & engaging video content, be it simple explainers or whiteboard animation, they’ll be happy to post and feature it and use backlinks to direct their visitors to your website. 

  1. Write Quality Blogs 

As per studies, by 2022, over 200 million users will be watching videos on their tablets and smartphones, and this figure is estimated to keep growing. So, what does it translate to you? 

It simply means that this is the era of smartphones. Most of the audiences or consumers use mobile devices to access social media, Google, etc. And, smartphones aren’t so text-friendly, which is why a text-heavy blog may not benefit you the way it used to do before. 

So, to improve your user engagement, include explainers videos and other visuals in your blogs. Videos are much more effective as compared to other forms of media. Thus, incorporating explainers in your blogs will definitely impact its quality while retaining visitors on your web page. 


Video has the potential to give higher search results and increase your online presence as video content is the most preferred form of content these days. No matter what niche you belong to, posting a video about your brand, product or service will certainly be a lot more impressive than publishing text. 

The above mentioned tactics can be used to increase the SEO of your website using explainer videos. 

Author Bio:

Pavnendra Bhadhuria is the founder and CEO of Essence Studios, India’s top explainer video

production company. When he is not busy running the business, he shares his knowledge and

experience in the field of digital marketing through blogs. He is also an avid follower of cricket.