How Does The Web Host Affect Your SEO

The online marketplace is growing every day and thus the various company holders are quite eager to see their website on the first page of every search engine. The modern-day marketing depends a lot on SEO, and if your website does not end up on the first page of the Google search results then it is highly likely that it will never get noticed. The websites that work seamlessly and fast are very likely to get a better position on the search engine results page. This is why it is important to get high-quality web hosting in Delhi services as the website host definitely affects your ranking. There are various ways in which your web hosting service can affect your SEO ranking, and some of the ways are discussed below.

Downtime of the server:

Your website will get affected if it continuously faces the issue of server downtime. This shows that you have got a bad website host and it will naturally affect your Google rankings. Downtime does not only have an effect on the entire performance of a website but also has abilities to bring down the site’s SEO and SERP. Suppose, a particular website is down, and that is why it is not appearing in any search engine results. Now, if someone does a search about the content related to that website, the search engine will not be able to find the site that is down, and the site’s SEO ranking will be degraded. Moreover, such an occurrence has a direct effect on the bounce rate of the site, and that impacts the authority of a website. Therefore, you should aim at avoiding downtime and focus on getting the maximum uptime for your website.

Time of a page loading:

If your website takes too long to get loaded and is very slow most of the time, then you can certainly put the blame on your web host service. It is due to bad web hosting service that a website gets slow and does not load smoothly. It is a well-known fact that is a site takes more than a second or two to get loaded then most of the viewers will shift some other site that is faster and performs better. There is an array of options available on the internet and people will not waste their time over a site that loads very slowly. This is why the loading time of your web page has a direct effect on your customer and viewer base and also affects your reputation. Moreover, the longer a website takes to load, the more with being its rate of bounce and that will have a direct effect on the search engine rank of the website. If there is a slump in the SEO of a website then it would lead to a lower rate of conversion.

Using a shared hosting service:

This might seem to be a cheap option, but it affects your Google ranking in a bad way. When you are getting a shared host, it will allow you to host various websites through a server that is shared, and that means you will be compromising on the quality of the hosting service. Google does not generally prefer the websites that are being hosted on a server that is shared as it is something against the ethics and rules of SEO. Moreover, with shared hosting, you always have the risk of spamming. Given the fact that these services are cheap, they are used by many spammers as well. This kind of neighbour website will certainly affect the authority and ranking of your website. Shared hosting also does not give you the benefits of scalability, speed, and reliability. The biggest risk that you might face while using a shared host is that your data might be stolen because of the compromise on the security services of a reliable web hosting in Delhi service provider.


The location also serves as a deciding factor when a website is ranked. Google accesses the location of the search to determine the ranking of a website. For example, if someone is searching for something sitting in the US, then Google is most likely to show him the results that are related to the US. In this way, your website might get in the back foot if it is searched in a different location.  Therefore, the location of your hosting service should be near to the place where your target audience base is. Otherwise, you might get on the second page of Google search and lose your customers.

These are some of the ways in which your website hosting service can affect your SEO ranking. Given the fact that it is absolutely necessary to get a good search engine ranking in order to stay in business, you should make sure that you are hiring the right web hosting service for your business.