How Cold Calling Can Help You Drive More Sales

Closing more sales are crucial to the growth and success of every business. That’s why brands and marketers constantly experiment with various tactics to engage their prospects and drive more sales.

Cold calling is a traditional tactic businesses used to sell their products or services. Some people say that cold calling is dead today. That’s perhaps because just 1% of cold calls ultimately convert into meetings.

However, if you think that cold calling is dead, chances are that you don’t know how to approach your prospects in an effective and engaging way.

But before we talk about cold calling strategies that can work for your brand, let’s learn what cold calling refers to.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling refers to calling your target audience, which includes people you barely know anything about. The aim of such cold calls is to create awareness about your brand, build trust, and eventually convince them to buy from you.

How to Effectively Use Cold Calling for Your Business

The process of generating sales using cold calling can be extremely difficult. Since your prospects likely don’t know you or your brand, it can be hard to establish trust. However, many brands leverage cold calling as a great opportunity to fuel their sales pipelines.

To use cold calling effectively, you should:

  • Put in the effort to understand your customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Use tools and techniques such as modern CRM platforms and social listening to learn when your customers are looking for you.
  • Target your prospects at the right times, such as right after they opened your email. This can result in a 32% higher engagement rate.
  • Provide value to your potential customers to build their trust in your brand.
  • Plan and personalize your cold calls to drive the best results.

If you are still not sure on how to approach your customers effectively, the cold calling strategies mentioned in the below infographic by Salesmate can help you:

Image courtesy: Salesmate
Author: Samir Motwani
Samir Motwani is a growth hacker cut from a different cloth than most entrepreneurs. This action-oriented technophile may have been trained as a developer but is a designer at heart. The current CEO for Salesmate, a CRM tool, is adept at developing low-cost strategies for startups and defining best practices for budding ventures.