How AI Tools Can Enhance Digital Marketing Creative

How AI Tools Can Enhance Digital Marketing Creative

In recent years, the digital marketing landscape has seen a dramatic transition. With audiences continuously multitasking across several displays, catching their attention and engaging them with great visual storytelling is a problem. However, producing high-quality images that match these requirements takes a significant amount of time, resources, and specialized skills, which many marketers lack.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game changer, making previously inaccessible skills available to everyone. Fotor is one of the platforms driving this shift, leveraging AI technology to empower marketers of all levels with a suite of straightforward yet powerful photo editing tools.

In this comprehensive analysis, we will explore three transformative features offered by Fotor – Background Remover, AI Image Generator, and Photo Enhancer – to demonstrate how AI is streamlining workflows and boosting digital capabilities. We’ll look at how these technologies may help organizations unleash their creativity, make the most of their existing visual assets, and elevate their content across all mediums.

Streamlining Extraction Mastery with Background Remover

Traditionally, manually isolating subjects from their backgrounds required hours of meticulous work. With Fotor’s Background Remover, however, this process is reduced to a single click. This tool effortlessly removes backgrounds from complex scenes by evaluating edges and utilizing machine vision.

The time saved with this tool unlocks a world of possibilities for remixing visuals. Marketers can use the extracted logos, products, and headshots to create new designs for their web platforms. Need a new look for key visuals? Instantly swap optimized subjects to rejuvenate stale imagery. This allows teams to focus their energy on strategic planning rather than getting bogged down in production details.

A Constant Creative Catalyst: AI Image Generator

Generating graphics solely from imagination requires innate artistic flair, a skill not everyone possesses. Fotor’s AI Image Generator serves as a never-ending source of visual inspiration, making creation limitless and uncomplicated.

With just a text description, marketers can see Fotor’s AI image generator create the right image for their needs. With the help of this tool, you can always get fresh ideas for headers, blog drawings, social media posts, and more—all without having to rely on design teams or take time away from essential strategic planning. You can easily work on new marketing projects with AI-generated images. The automatic generation of fresh imagery breathes new life and evolution into promotional campaigns over time.

Photo Enhancer: Making the Most of Your Existing Assets

Fotor’s toolkit does more than just enable new creative works; it also enhances the potential of current visual assets. The Photo Enhancer analyzes photographs and enhances characteristics such as color vibrancy, lighting, and sharpness intelligently. With a single altered photo, marketers gain endless opportunities for remixing across different teams and campaigns.

For instance, effortlessly swapping optimized subjects or backdrops between extensive photo collections becomes a breeze. AI can also be leveraged to upgrade entire image archives simultaneously with Bulk Editing, allowing previously stagnant or dated visuals to be revitalized for refreshed uses and promotions.

Superior Scalability

Fotor levels the playing field by democratizing high-level design tools with intuitive interfaces. Specialized processes like removal, generation, and enhancement become routine, streamlined, and scalable across entire organizations. Teams gain transformative superpowers that elevate storytelling and enable them to stand out amidst the overwhelming online noise.

Powered by Fotor’s expansive AI suite, any brand or business can now unleash boundless creative promotional prowess on a budget that was once unattainable. Strong visuals significantly improve earned and purchased advertising campaigns through all media. For years to come, the impact and effectiveness of digital campaigns will increase due to this revolution in capabilities.


Artificial intelligence is transforming digital marketing, as demonstrated by Fotor’s unique array of AI-powered picture editing tools. By automating complex tasks, providing endless creative inspiration, and maximizing existing visual assets, AI empowers marketers to create captivating content and elevate their campaigns to new heights. With AI’s transformative capabilities, the future of digital marketing is brighter than ever before.