How Aerial Photography Can Boost Your Online Presence

How Aerial Photography Can Boost Your Online Presence

Digital marketing has become competitive over the years. Consumers’ expectations have increased dramatically because of social media. A written consumer review is not sufficient to convince people to try out a particular product or service anymore. Some prefer to see it in a beautifully captured image. 

86% of consumers are visual. They need to see a product first before making a purchase. This statistic proves the need to optimize visual content for marketing a product. Luckily, the advancement of technology made it extremely easy for marketers to realize this goal. The 21st century saw the evolution of photography and the devices used in capturing images. Capturing images normally became so advanced that they needed to elevate it to the air, which became a challenge. 

Aerial photography began as a costly undertaking because of the tools needed and the gas consumed by aerial vehicles in the inception of this concept. Currently, because of technology, aerial photography has become a little less expensive because of the use of UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.

Drones also made it easier to capture captivating vantage points of any area from high above. 

Aerial photography now became in demand for many businesses to boost their online presence.  Let’s look at how aerial photography can do this to digital marketing and you’ll be surprised.

Capture Amazing Property Images

Real Estate has been a very competitive business anywhere in the world. When before, it’s enough to convince people to buy properties through cold calling methods. Currently, sales talk is not even entertained by many potential buyers. So instead of people hanging up on you over the phone, why not just show them the key features of the home you’re selling through captivating photos you will upload on your social media channels? 

Presently, properties are selling in record time and for more money because of aerial photography. The buyer will get a much better feel of the lay of the land when they see an aerial shot of a property because they will also see the surrounding area where the house is located. Showing the surrounding area is a great selling point for realtors, banking on the value of the vicinity and not just the property itself. Companies like Digon Design – Aerial  Photographer specializes in this. 

Obtain Dramatic Images For Events

Photography has been very instrumental in documenting critical events in anybody’s life. But photographers have made a very lucrative business out of weddings as it’s almost a requirement to have a decent photographer on-site to capture all memorable events of the day. Wedding photography has also evolved throughout the years. Ground photography has been almost mandatory, but aerial shots became very popular with all the drama it evokes. That’s why those in this business added a premium in their package for wedding aerial photography services. If you’re an events photographer, adding aerial photography to your portfolio and your website would drive traffic and make your business boom. 

Capture Lively Shots Of Commercial Locations

It’s quite a challenge to describe the beauty and enigma of an enormous place such as a building, a commercial district, or an arena.  Ground photography wouldn’t just be enough to translate and depict the magnitude of the site. Aerial photography can give a bird’s eye view of a scene, an area, or an object’s main focal point while highlighting the beauty of its surroundings. 

Aerial photography can be very instrumental in attracting people to a particular location through spectacular images displayed online.  You may opt for aerial photography to promote a new site like a commercial district like a mall or even a beach resort. Photos showing the vastness and aesthetic of the place will surely attract people to visit and try it out.  To give you a sample, check this out

Attract Investors And Potential Buyers  to Your Site

Aerial photography is also widely used to attract investors and potential buyers of condo units even under just its construction stages.  Initially, aerial photography in construction was utilized chiefly for mapping, site inspection, and safety reasons.  Now, making gorgeous pamphlets and digital brochures are easily executed with aerial photography.  The digital brochures provide an excellent representation of the building and attract many people to their social media channels and websites and eventually converting them to hot leads. 

Emphasize Larger Than Life Ads

Big businesses who choose to advertise through massive billboards amp up their message in their social media channels by aerial shots announcing the launch of a product, introducing new endorsers, or even magnifying the latest promotions.  Aerial photos provide an impressive display of the quality of a product and the importance its developers or producers attribute to it.  The online presence gets a dramatic statement that will surely garner a lot of wow reactions from followers and turn non-followers into one.


A picture paints a thousand words. And more often than not, a picture says what words can’t. 

In this digital age, to be impressive is just ordinary. Consumers and netizens have been very particular and selective with the things they view on their computer screens. It has become very challenging to impress people with their short attention span. And aerial photography has made it easy for digital marketers to display their content in an impactful way, drawing more significant sales and attracting people online, which hyped up their online presence.