How a WordPress Blog can boost your online business

One of the factors that determines an online business’s success on the internet is having an informative blog that links customers to a brand. It has been deduced that almost 15% of the worlds biggest websites are powered by WordPress. The success garnered by websites such as Sony Music, The New York Times and MTV News are all due to the platform provided by WordPress. What makes WordPress the go-to platform for internet entrepreneurs is that it provides with a lot of flexibility according to changing needs of an online business. Whatever the business’s requirement is, WordPress is extremely easy-to-use and adaptable.

WordPress also contains a directory of plugins which enable users to install applications and tools to best fit their idea on a website. Whether the WordPress website requires for simple tasks or complex, the diversity and functionality of these plugins ensure that online business owners are equipped with every possible platform for any possible situation that come as the business grows over time.
Here are some of the best plugins available on WordPress that help business owners increase their online stores.


Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin that is most commonly used in the world of WordPress. Free to use and easy to understand, this is the go-to plugin for experienced and inexperienced online store owners. Since this plugin is open-sourced, it lets its users modify and customize anything and everything on their online store. Woocommerce also provides online store owners a platform to display a wide array of products such as physical goods, digital goods, subscriptions etc. It also comes up with an in built support system for popular payment methods (PayPal, credit card and bank transfer) to provide the customers with every possible option whilst checking out.

Woocommerce also features an inventory management system so managers can keep track of product shipment, refund allocations and subscription mailing lists. Woocommerce also helps customers in the online checkout counter by calculating taxes and all other necessary costs such as shipping. Since it is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Woocommerce comes with its own custom plugins and extensions that tailor the specific needs of internet entrepreneurs. Learn more about Woocommerce plugins and how they can increase sales for your business.

Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Over the past few years, online entrepreneurs have laid a huge emphasis on SEO. These entrepreneurs want their website to appear high up on the list of results returned by a search engine. Yoast SEO helps these online businesses to maintain a strong web presence so it ranks high in the eyes of the customers. Like Woocommerce, this plugin is free to use and easy to understand proving it to be suitable for newcomers and experienced users. When used properly, it generates results quicker than most of the other plugins.

Misspelling the keywords can be extremely costly to the business. Yoast SEO has a proofreading feature which automatically highlights mistakes in grammar, spelling and sentences whilst also suggesting alternative words (based on its own knowledge of the internet) for the business to use to gain an upper hand in the market.

This plugin also lets business owners get a snippet of how and where their website appears to be when searched on the internet, allowing them to make necessary changes to climb high up in the rankings. 

WP RSS Aggregator

The WP RSS Aggregator plugin is an auto-blog plugin used by many WordPress users to expand their website. It does this by automatically posting marketing content from other sources that is relevant to the products already available on your online store such as, Youtube videos, images, blogs, articles and so much more. This keeps your website refreshed with up-to-date content that highlights your niche in the best way possible.

WP RSS Aggregator offers its users a platform to grow their business in an extremely efficient manner. Displaying RSS feeds is an important tool for all online business owners. Working alongside Yoast SEO, it improves the website’s visibility on the internet magnanimously.
Although this plugin is free to use, it also comes with a premium version that lets business owners make distinct and specific changes to their website so it stands out on the internet. 


In this competitive world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to devise a strategy that will guarantee success in the market. It is very important for business managers to collect the right and relevant information so they are able to make the necessary changes in their operations that will drive sales and cut costs. Analyzing such data should be the manager’s priority as it paves the way for an effective business strategy.

Visualizer is a plugin available on WordPress that is highly interactive, flexible and customizable. It provides managers with a long list of different tools to display data. Pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs and more are easily accessible on Visualizer for all kinds of information a manager wants to analyze.
Features such as customizing graphs with different colors, live editing and importing data from other sources make this tool a necessity for business owners to have. Visualizer is also compatible for any device for its user.

Although it comes with a price, it is always money well spent as it works wonders.

WP AdCenter

Monetizing your site through ads is still the best way to make money online. Most of the tech giants like Facebook, Google, etc. make their money with ads, so why should you be left behind. WP AdCenter is the best WordPress Ads Management plugin that lets you easily monetize your site with ads. With this ad inserter plugin, you can insert Ad codes from third-party ad networks like Google AdSense, etc. You can also sell your ad space to third-party advertisers directly with this plugin. This way you can charge anything you want to for selling ad space on your website. This plugin also comes with features like rotating ads and geo-targeting to ensure that your ads are super targeted and always catch users’ attention. 

Woo Auction Software

What do you think is better than selling? Auctioning! You can make a lot of money auctioning products instead of directly selling them. This is because auctioning creates a sense of scarcity and a time limit. Both of which means you can sell at a higher price and also close more sales in a short amount of time. These things make setting up an online store very lucrative. So how do you set up an auction store? Using this WordPress Auction plugin, you can set up your store in just a few clicks. Once set up you can set up multiple types of auctions like forward auction, reverse auction. You could convert your site into an e-bay styled store where others can set their auctions and you earn a commission from them with this WordPress auction e-bay plugin.  

All these plugins (and more) are important tools for any online business owner. Coupled with the fact that the trend in e-commerce is increasing by the day, the reliability on these plugins are also increasing. Putting them to use efficiently ensures growth and sustainability for the business. These tools are absolutely necessary for businesses to acquire if they are to dominate the online market.