The 5 Most Useful Google Analytics SEO Dashboards to Grow Traffic

Helpful Google Analytics SEO Dashboards to Boost Traffic


Google Analytics SEO dashboard is filled with insights. A couple of useful ones that can help identify organic opportunities on a site are what we will discuss in the write-up. A piece of crucial information is there are hundreds of custom Google Analytics dashboards available online. Google analytics SEO dashboard to help you in all sorts of business. Starting from improving the SEO performance of eCommerce stores for bloggers, SaaS businesses, and the list continues. Are you worried about increasing organic traffic to your site? Experts say Google Analytics SEO dashboards is one of the best SEO measurement tools that optimize a website for driving more search traffic. This article is about how to increase organic traffic with 10 Google Analytics SEO hacks.

What is SEO Analytics?

The process of collecting, tracking, and analyzing marketing data with the ultimate objective of growing your website’s organic traffic is SEO Analytics. Today marketers consider this extremely useful as it allows identifying improvement opportunities, gaining a deeper understanding of the website’s data, and ultimately maximizing ROI on your SEO efforts.  Fortunately, there are excellent SEO analytics’ tools available for measuring SEO data. The most popular and commonly used free SEO analytics tools are Google Analytics. It is the most widely used tool to convey data to your team or your client.

How Does Google Analytics Help SEO?

Google Analytics comprises valuable data that business can use to monitor and improve SEO performance by using keywords to any website’s top referrals and much more.

The SEO dashboard overview is all about:

  1. Google Analytics set up on your WordPress website.
  2. You know how to navigate the GA interface on a fundamental level.
  3. You have a basic understanding of SEO.

Google Analytics Strategies To Measure SEO Success

  • How to View Organic Search Traffic
  • Measure The Quality of SEO Traffic
  • Assigning Dollar Values to Organic Traffic
  • Identifying Slow Loading Page Times
  • Create Your SEO Dashboard

The best Google Analytics SEO Reports essential for driving SEO performance are as follows:

  • Mobile Overview Report
  • Segments Report
  • Landing Pages Report
  • Acquisition Report
  • Channel Report
  • Referral Report
  • Site Speed Report
  • Search Console

Here is a list of ways to track SEO efforts using google analytics

  1. Sync your Search Console account
  2. Create SEO-related goals
  3. Use the organic visitors’ segment
  4. Compare non-organic visitors to organic
  5. Find top-performing content
  6. Look at top-performing landing pages
  7. Use the Content Drilldown report
  8. Add annotations to track content updates
  9. Use the Multi-Channel Funnel report
  10. Track keywords in Google Analytics
  11. Find referral sites
  12. Manage your PPC spend
  13. Check how Google views your website
  14. Create custom dashboards
  15. Set up alerts

5 Most Useful Google Analytics SEO Dashboards to Grow traffic

1.     Technology Report

A technology report provides visitors browser, OS (operating system), and network information. This report also includes screen resolution, screen colors, flash version, and java support that the audience is using. This report can be accessed by going to Google Analytics > Audience tab > Technology.

2.     Queries Report

Google Analytics also supports search console data. This provides information about organic search traffic and site engagement data like bounce rates, views, and impressions. As per reports from Search Engine Land, search console data is different from Google Analytics data.

Queries Report is one of the most important ones. This report is found under Acquisition > Search Console > Queries.

3.     Traffic Acquisition Report

Traffic Acquisition Report gives an overview of traffic acquisition beginning from sources of traffic. It tracks the number of users, session duration, and conversion rate. Traffic acquisition information is available to view your Google Analytics overview. The path is to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium will provide more detailed information.

4.     Page Load Time Report

This aspect of SEO is often overlooked. A study by kissmetrics says, about half of users expect a website to load in two seconds or even less, and 4 out of 10 users would abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. To get access to this report, go to Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings.

5.     All Pages Report    

As most SEO efforts centre on content creation, it’s always important to measure these efforts’ effectiveness. All Pages Report is crucial because one can gain a lot from page views and bounce rates aside. The All Pages Report comes in from Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.


Today, Google Analytics is a helpful tool and is also very crucial as it measures many different web marketing metrics. The abundance amount of metrics and data are primarily overwhelming. Luckily, these five Google Analytics SEO dashboards are helping to turn a challenge into strength.