Guest Blogging: Benefits and How to do it the Right Way?

Guest Blogging: Benefits and How to do it the Right Way?

Most bloggers enjoy the chance to write about their opinions on various subjects and it’s wise to take advantage of such opportunities when trying to grow your blog’s readership. 

That said, guest bloggers should always be familiar with the subjects they write about and be polite and use proper etiquette when guest blogging in exchange for a backlink.

In any kind of writing, knowledge of the subject is vital and it is particularly important when guest blogging, like personal blogs, are sometimes viewed as the ramblings of an unknown individual. To combat this assumption, making one’s knowledge and expertise obvious is required. 

Drawing on a background of subject-specific information and wisdom will prove to readers that the person who is guest blogging should be taken seriously.

Blogs are generally thought to offer a less rigid writing medium for authors than books or magazines, but that doesn’t mean the writer has the leeway to ramble. 

Those who write their own posts and those who participate in guest blogging arrangements should make their points with knowledge and passion but do so succinctly and with tact.

Ideally, guest blogging is not to be taken lightly; the writer is responsible for writing clear sentences and carefully articulating his or her thoughts while using precise and deliberate grammar and syntax and staying on target. 

How to find a guest blogging opportunity?

Discover Bloggers Within Your Niche

If you have a website or a blog, chances are you are already very familiar with the competition you are facing within your niche.

If this is the case, you probably already know the higher-profile bloggers in your niche. If not, spend 20 minutes or so searching through Google until you find them.

As you find blogs in your niche, add them to a list. After 20 minutes of searching Google, you should have a pretty decent-sized list, especially if you are on a competitive list.

Narrow Down Your List To Include Only The Most Popular Blogs

Remember, your goal with guest blogging is to increase your visibility and drive traffic. 

If the blog you are looking to write for has no readers, what’s the point of guest blogging? 

Remember, guest blogging will require effort on your part, so make sure that your effort is well spent by ensuring that the blog is popular.

Somewhere on the blog, you should see an RSS feed icon. Go back through the blog’s archives and see how many comments the readers have been leaving on the posts.

Approach The Blogger

Find the blogger’s contact information, then send him an email. Introduce yourself, share your website with the blogger, then tell him you are interested in guest blogging for him. 

Suggest a topic that you think his readers might be interested in. If the blog owner does not accept, just go on to the next blog on your list.

After writing your article (or selecting the one you have already written), e-mail it to him. Include it as a .txt file and include HTML tags to make it easier for him. If you see a Whatsapp number of the owner, you can contact them using Whatsapp marketing softwares.

So there you have the three essential steps of guest blogging. If you are looking to skyrocket your credibility and send a surge of traffic flowing towards your website, give guest blogging a shot. You know how to do it, now take action!

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

Get quality traffic: 

A significant reason to look at investing your time in guest blogging is that it is able to offer a highly effective strategy for increasing direct traffic to your website. 

If you are able to get an article published on a high-traffic blog that is well established in the same industry that you use, then there is a very high chance that you will start to see a quick influx of visitors arriving on your blog. 

But beyond just the volume of traffic that will be reaching your website, you will also be getting the more targeted traffic that is interested in the theme of your website. 

If your website traffic is coming from a similar themed website, there is a great chance that they will be interested in the content on your website and start to explore other areas of the site.

Increase search engine ranking: 

A further quality aspect of guest blogging is that if you are able to add your links to high-quality and established websites, this is certain to help with increasing the rankings in the search engines. 

A significant number of guest posts published on the relevant blogs in the same industry is certain to see a significant boost in your SEO campaign.

If you would prefer to avoid the paid advertising strategies and are more interested in the free opportunities for increasing the website ranking, you will certainly appreciate the effectiveness of this guest blogging practice.

Improve brand exposure and awareness: 

Guest blogging gives a perfect opportunity to instantly increase brand awareness of your business. 

A highly trafficked website is certain to send a significant number of daily visits, and these are the type of visitors that are likely to be interested in the products and services that you are offering. 

By increasing the exposure of your website you are certainly able to find it easier to expand and increase business opportunities in the future.

Conclusion: Is Guest Blogging Easy?

Guest blogging isn’t very easy. More than writing articles, it is about relationships that you build with other bloggers in your community. This is why it is hard work.

Some people tend to reserve the best content for their own blog and submit the not-so-good articles for guest posts. 

It doesn’t cut it. If you are guest blogging, chances are that this other blog is actually more popular than your own. Their readers would be demanding high-quality content too. 

Remember to give your best in all guest blogs and you’ll face far fewer rejections and you can really build a brand around quality content which is extremely important. 

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When done right, guest blogging is a very powerful tool to promote your online website or business. It takes time to research and figure out which blogs accept guest posts and the kind of audience they attract. 

Guest blogging is not only a good way to boost the traffic to your site but it’s also a way to help fellow bloggers! 

Far too often however people looking to submit a guest post are too intently focused on how it will benefit them and not the host or the readers! 

The sole purpose of any guest blogger is to create great content, much like they would if it was their own site! The point here is simple, no matter whose side you’re posting on, your aim should always be to offer nothing less than great content! 

In the end, you’ll find your efforts to be much more beneficial for both you and your host! In the end, you simply need to ‘can’ the ‘what’s in it for me’ approach since with this attitude you’ll find the answer is NOTHING!

SEO is a fast-changing landscape and there could be updates to the search engine algorithms almost every day. 

However, it is not about reacting to these changes but about building a more permanent marketing campaign, of which SEO benefits is one of the site benefits. Guest blogging is certainly a step in that direction.


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