Great Web Design Tips to Improve Your Business’ Website

Great Web Design Tips to Improve Your Business’ Website

According to a Web FX article, there are several good reasons to invest in quality web design. Indeed, a great web design can help your brand make a decent first impression, improve customer relationships, and even enhance your SEO strategy to a degree. So if you’re running a small business and you want to enjoy a good online presence, then better invest in a competent provider of web development in Detroit and beyond. Oh, and better make sure they apply the tips listed below.

Make It Responsive

A responsive web design has many advantages. For one thing, it will let your website enjoy consistency in its design and brand. It will also enable you to monitor essential analytics to boost SEO and increase conversion rates. But more importantly, it will help you attract your target audience better, as more and more people are beginning to browse the internet using their smartphones.

So make sure your website has the ability to adapt to the screens of consumers. Take a look at its layout, and add a few lines of HTML and CSS code. You should tweak the media you use as well, again editing the CSS code so their sizes automatically get adjusted according to the users’ screens. Then you need to edit the site’s typography, adding a few elements to the CSS code to make it more responsive.

Make Navigation Easier

Many web developers build navigation as an after-thought, deeming it unimportant compared to web pages and content. However, having a poor navigation structure makes it somewhat harder for your visitors can’t what they’re looking for in your site. This leads to bad user experience, increased bounce rates, and a truckload of other problems.

To avoid these issues, you need to keep the navigation within your website as simple as possible. Limit the items on your menu to a maximum of seven so as to not overwhelm viewers with too many choices. Simultaneously, all your website’s navigation elements should be “clickable”. That is, they must be able to redirect your viewers to a specific page on a different tab. This allows them to visit the page without exiting the one they’re currently in. And to ensure everyone knows what the link points to, make sure each of them is accompanied by ALT texts. As an added bonus, this will also enable search engines to crawl through it more smoothly

Improve Page Speed

Page speed matters because it affects user experience. To put it simply, the faster your pages load, the more your viewers will enjoy your website and its content. This will eventually lead to higher conversion rates and boosted sales. In contrast, slower page speed could lead to higher bounce rates, even if it’s just a 3-second lag. 

So work on your web design with page speed in mind. Start by improving your site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding. That means removing unnecessary spaces, commas, and other characters, as well as getting rid of code comments and formatting. At the same time, you need to optimize your pages’ images by using ones with the right file format and size. You can rely on CSS sprites for the images you use on your site’s buttons and icons.

Use White Space

In case you don’t know what that is, white space is the area in your website that’s unmarked. That is, it’s the space where there are no margins, gutters, graphics, or any other elements displayed. Utilized properly, it can improve your user’s interaction with your website, as well as tidies up your pages to induce a more organized and balanced feel.

One of the best ways to maximize your site’s white space is by emphasizing certain elements over others. Focus on a primary object (i.e., a specific part of your content, the call to action button, etc.). Then remove all the other elements surrounding it to make it pop out more. As for your content, you should utilize white space to improve its readability. You can do this by loosening up the line spacing between the texts. The larger the spacing, the easier it will be for readers to wade through your content.

Use Color Theory

Colors allow you to create various types of feelings, depending on the particular shade you use. By mastering color theory, you’ll be able to properly use colors to invoke the right emotions in your website’s visitors.

One of the things you’ll pick up while mastering color theory is how to pick the right color scheme for your website. And to do that, you need to do a couple of things. For example, you need to prioritize user experience, making sure your site has no broken links, your products or services are up to date, and more. Then you need to consider various color contexts. That means deciding on how much contrast you want in your website’s design, testing various colors until you find the combination that works for you.

Improve Your Website Through the Tips Above

Through great web design, you’ll be able to optimize your business’ online presence. This will lead to a better reputation, higher rankings, increased sales, and other great benefits. So better follow the tips above if you haven’t yet.

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