Google AdSense alternatives

Google AdSense alternatives

How to monetize your website traffic?

If you’re here, you probably own a website. No doubt, it takes a lot of effort to constantly improve the content quality, increase traffic volumes and come up with new ways to engage the audience. 

On a page with consistently high traffic, advertisers will be happy to place their ads. Thus, the site can bring a good return on investment. So how to begin monetizing ad space?

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the largest platforms that buy ad space from webmasters. The company has almost 20 years of experience and millions of active users, but there are also disadvantages and limitations. Often difficulties arise already during registration: to get the moderator approval, your site must meet a long list of criteria. Besides, Google AdSense doesn’t offer as many ad formats and customization options as some other ad networks. 

If for some reason Google AdSense doesn’t suit you, there are many other options for monetizing your traffic.

GALAKSION: AdSense alternative at a glance

Galaksion is an international advertising network that works with webmasters and advertisers directly, without intermediaries. This way, the company manages to maintain high-quality service and close communication with partners at the same time. Why should you, as a webmaster, consider Galaksion?

  1. No special requirements before start. Virtually any website owner can join the network, even if the traffic volume is not huge. Of course, there should be no prohibited content like pornography or spam.
  1. Variety of formats. Depending on your content, traffic volume, location and other parameters, an optimal and profitable ad format will be picked: Direct link, Native widget, Mobile push-up Browser, On-Page Notifications and Pop-under. 
  1. Stable payments. The network provides daily payouts without holds. Add to that many ways to withdraw the profit money (PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney (WMZ), Wire transfer, Bitcoin).  
  1. Advanced targeting and optimization techniques. Managers use a lot of settings to optimize advertising campaigns and increase the profit for publishers. New tools are also regularly added to the platform. Webmasters can control the parameters themselves. However, it is better and easier to entrust these issues to your personal manager. 
  1. High-quality communication. Personal managers are always in touch with webmasters. They are ready to answer any questions and will not leave Galaksion’s partner alone with the problem. Publishers are treated primarily as close friends.

Offers for publishers from GALAKSION

Offers from advertisers are selected carefully. Adult campaigns, weapons, drugs or alcohol promotion, misleads and other strictly prohibited stuff will not be approved.

Offers mostly belong to E-commerce, Utilities, Nutra, Games, Apps, Extensions, Dating, VPN, and Finance. Specialists make the best combination for the maximum profit: vertical + advertising format + geo + platform and other additional parameters. Publishers receive ready-made ads to monetize their traffic, which consistently brings a good profit.

The article was written in partnership with Galaksion advertising network.