How to Easily Merge and Split Your Portable Document Format

GogoPDF Guide: How to Easily Merge and Split Your Portable Document Format

When dealing with online document difficulties, one of the first things that come into your mind is how to solve them conveniently. The answer to your problems with your online document is to use an online tool platform that provides you with a diverse online tool list. These online tools will help you solve the difficulties when it comes to your online document problems.

In this article, you will be able to learn new ways of dealing with online document problems. We will show you different types of online tools and discuss their benefits and drawbacks. Hence, keeping your mind open and experiencing some of it might help you manage your online documents in the future.

Getting to Know GogoPDF

The GogoPDF online converter tool is the subject of our discussion. Most individuals that have experience in using their services enjoy managing their online documents. You will be able to use a diverse list of online tools that have distinct functionalities. These online tools are the essentials in managing your online document better.

You can find these online tools that we are talking about on the homepage of the GogoPDF website. Some examples are Protect PDF, eSign PDF, Add Watermark, Unlock PDF, Compress PDF, PDF Converter, Repair PDF, and more. These online tools will help you organize, optimize, and even modify the security features of your online document.

It is also possible to convert from format to format using their online tools. The online tool Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, HTML to PDF, or vice versa are the essential things you need to learn from their platform. However, you should always check the online tool you are using to meet your specific goal for your online document.

Here are some of the most promising online tools you should discover.

The Merge PDF Online Tool

When you are handling online documents, it is necessary to organize your documents. The Merge PDF online tool is one of the best ways of managing your online documents. This online tool will help you merge or combine different PDF files into a single document. Having most of your documents combined into a single document will give you additional convenience in scanning.

This is also a valuable thing to follow if you are printing multiple PDF files. Having all of your PDF files into a single document will print your documents more straightforward and quicker. However, you should always keep track of your online documents as it might confuse you in the long run when using this online tool. So here is how you can utilize this online tool.

  • The first action you need to do is upload your online document.
  • You will be given a merging option for your online document.
  • The conversion process can start when you are ready.
  • Transfer or share your new document.

The Split PDF Online Tool

The GogoPDF platform allows you to combine or merge your online documents. Hence, it is also possible for you to split your online documents using their online tool. You will need the online Split PDF to do those activities with your online documents. This will allow you to split your online documents into numerous online documents easily.

Most individuals that are using this online tool want to extract certain content. It is also possible that you want to divide the contents into specific individuals. You can find this online tool from the homepage of GogoPDF. Suppose that you want to learn more about how this online tool works. Here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow.

  • Transfer your document to the servers of GogoPDF.
  • Specific options for splitting your PDF file will be given.
  • The conversion process will take you seconds up to a minute.
  • Transfer your document into online storage or your device storage.

Available for Everyone

The services of GogoPDF are available for everyone to access and use. You can also utilize the online tools anytime and anywhere, given that you have a reliable internet connection. Their platform is also flexible, given that you can use any browser, platform, and device. These are only a few features that you will enjoy from their platform.


The Merge and Split online tool from the GogoPDF platform are essential in handling online documents. It is essential to follow every instruction and read all the descriptions to avoid getting your document damaged. Hence, having GogoPDF as your online tool platform can be to your advantage and increase your productivity in document activities.