Free Domain and Web Hosting Packages to Help You Start a Business from Home

If you decide to work from home, you’ll be joining the masses, that’s for sure. 

Countless people choose to work from the comfort of their four walls every single year and when you consider the home and work-life balance this decision can bring, it’s no surprise why. 

If the idea of working for yourself has always been in your mind, you can combine that with working from home too. When you do that, you create a huge amount of flexibility in your working life and you get to be your own boss – there’s no downside there!

However, the logistics and finer details need to be studied before you jump straight in. Running an online business requires a high-quality website to be in place and before you can even start thinking about what your site is going to look like and how it’s going to run, you need a domain and a web hosting service

The good news is that you can find several free domain and web hosting packages online which will allow you to start building up your dream business, from the comfort of your own home. 

Let’s check out a few of the best you can look towards using for your home business endeavours.

Our first choice is a popular one, but it does come with a catch. Yes, it’s free but it does mean you have to spend two hours offline every month to fulfil their terms and conditions. Two hours isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but what if a big customer is looking for you and you’re offline? It might seem far-fetched but business success often hinges on these small anomalies. 

However, aside from that, 000WebHost is free and it’s fast too. There are no advertisements to annoy your visitors and it’s very easy to use. You’ll be given 10GB of bandwidth and you have 1GB of space. The downside is that if you encounter problems, you’ll have to sit on the phone for a while as there is no email or even a live chat option.

This is another top choice as it comes with a range of different features and a free SSL certificate on all the plans they offer. Again, it’s free to use and you can have up to 10 email accounts linked to your domain. Bandwidth is unlimited and there is no limit on storage space, which makes it a big plus over our last review. 

This might be a lesser-known name in the domain and hosting world but it’s one which is growing and with that, you may also see more features coming in the future – you never know!


AwardSpace is a big name and it has millions of happy customers, so it’s a good option to go with. Again, the service is advertising-free so there are no annoyances for you or your visitors and you’ll benefit from customer service around the clock, which is useful for someone who is building up their new business from home. 

The slight downside is that when you sign up, you’re given just 1GB of space and your bandwidth is also limited to 5GB. However, this can increase over time.

Google isn’t just a search engine, because it offers a domain and hosting package too. It’s a good idea to go with a big name if you’re new to the home business world and as a result, you know you’re getting high quality. A few perks of choosing this package include the fact that it’s free to use and it supports many different formats of files you might want to upload. 

When you sign up you also get a free subdomain and you’re given a free SSL certificate. Again, there are no advertising annoyances on Google’s hosted sites. If you do want to add adverts over time, however, e.g. if you want to use Google Adsense alongside your current site, you may run into problems. If this isn’t something you’re thinking about however, there should be no issues in choosing Google’s option.

The word ‘free’ in the name pretty much gives away its biggest plus point, along with the fact that it’s very easy to set up and use. FreeHostia has been around for many years and has many satisfied customers; when you search for free domain and hosting services this one will almost certainly come up as one of the first on the list. 

As beginners will no doubt have many questions, the customer service is high quality and you also get three email accounts linked to your domain; you can also have up to five different domains in the space. The downside is the lower amount of space and bandwidth you get to begin with – 250MB and 6GB bandwidth. 

Choosing Your Ideal Service

When you’re shopping around for your ideal domain and web host, you need to be sure to compare packages against one another and go with the best fit for you. Sure, a company may have many great reviews and features but if they’re not offering what you need, e.g. a certain amount of space and bandwidth, or easy access to customer service if you have a problem, they’re not the right choice for you. If you’re serious about succeeding with making money online, you will end up buying some courses that teach you that. But before you do that, we wanted to make sure that you only buy courses that work. And don’t waste your hard-earned cash on things that are not proven to work. We created keeping that in mind. We review almost all the courses in the make money online niche and give an honest review about it. Check it out.

Everyone needs different features and when you’re starting a business from home you need to do your homework and be sure that you’re choosing the right option from the get-go. Sure, you can go over and change in the future, but why not try and save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle at the start?

By choosing the best service for your needs, you’re giving yourself the best possible foundation on which to build your business from home. With a little hard work and perhaps a small dash of luck, you’ll soon find that your business grows over time. 

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