Effects of Covid-19 on digital marketing

Effects of COVID-19 and the subsequent recession on digital marketing

The attack of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill in all aspects. It has affected businesses, schools, health facilities, and socialization. Literary, everything has been grounded. General marketing and branding have not been spared. The pandemic has impacted all industries and businesses in one way or another. Different companies have either partly or entirely shut down. It has led to a rise in massive buying in some sectors, especially food. It is hard to identify all implications of the global actions to curb the spread of the virus because there are diverse impacts in all sectors.

One thing to note is that COVID-19 effects will have a long-term impact even if we go back to our usual way of life within months. The business world has been forced to close down. Others are struggling through these difficult times will take a lot of time to pick up if they ever do.

Covid-19 has not made it easier for any business as working from home sounds so typical these days. You all will agree with me that working from home cannot meet all the target goals of the firm or business. Will this pandemic have detrimental effects on our companies? The answer is, it is very natural it will significantly affect business,

Handling a shift of focus with all the stakeholders is not only challenging but also draining. You cannot control remote workers. There is a change in what the company prioritizes, which will, in the end, affect our levels of dedication. Following all the changes taking place, there is the expectation of the business performance to keep going down. However, this situation seems like the advancement of new technology can salvage it. Many businesses are turning up to digital marketing. A sigh of relief, right?  

In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone or any other digital gadget that they can use to access online information. Mobile marketing is an equal manner for data and information dissemination to the company and its customers. Having been withdrawn from their habits, customers will require essential information. The best way to keep communication with them is through the use of digital marketing platforms.

The integral part of digital marketing is having the ability to intrigue and communicate with your audience, who needs answers about your brand. Probably, if they get satisfied with the product, they are likely to buy. Whatever the product or service you bring to the table will likely interest them having had an encounter with them.

While adapting to the “work from home” initiative, most of the customers will rely on their digital devices. They will get connected through them so that they can acquire information from those businesses. Companies should use this as an opportunity to utilize digital marketing platforms and target more new customers. However, do not forget to connect with existing customers. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing is the primary business knight and shining armour during these trying times.  Marketing is the engine that continues to drive traffic, leads and sales for your business and should be but with a scalpel, not a chainsaw.

Destructive impacts of COVID-19 in digital marketing

We do not know for how long this outbreak will last, and the lockdowns have greatly affected the healthy life of people. Coronavirus effects have also made its path in the digital world. Here are ways in which the pandemic is changing the digital marketing world.

Doubts around Ads spend

The reduction of the availability of goods may lead to the seniors holding back their advertisement dollars. Since a few products are making it to the market, then companies will invest in fewer bucks their advertising firms. The executives cannot allow wastage of dollar on such ads. They will eventually withdraw from investing in the advertisement as they do not have available goods to sell. The guesses that the coronavirus might be resolved by June is the reason they have forecasted the ad spend. However, it will be low in the first half of the year. No changes have been made on what may take place after that.

Cancellation of marketing events and further postponement

Several marketing events have begun to get cancelled. In case the situation becomes more confusing, there is a likelihood of entire withdrawal from the games. If the games can’t take place online, it will only get postponed as companies and any other institution are avoiding more massive crowds.

It will be likely to bring forth more stress on the association of the content through digital channels. Thus it will be difficult for the lead generations, advertisers, and other vendors who may want to get out their message.

Also, many organizations, schools, and many more are publishing urgent announcements to have their schedules interrupted as well as other aspects of life. These include complete closure of the facilities, events rescheduling, putting up new available medical facilities, and test centres. All this comes as the number of COVID-19 cases keeps increasing.    

How digital marketers are responding to the pandemic situation

Short-term adaptation

Over 60% of the online marketer’s changes their short media strategy and makes just 9% long-term decision. All this is because things are changing overnight. This is not a shock considering that the digital media is being used up at a higher rate. Everyone has turned to the online lifestyle.

Flexible channels

The marketer is observing that it is in their best interest to move to cheaper and flexible marketing channels. These will be targeting where most consumer’s presence is impressive. As long as the messages reach the target audience that what matters. Besides, everyone is trying to save up their little coins. Also, we all don’t know what the future holds.

Long-term concerns

No one is sure of when the pandemic will be over for us to get back to our healthy lives. That is the reason there is an increase in online food delivery services. However, there is an unaffected group, like the business that has always been trading online. The online news is benefitting from the online presence and would like to take a much larger market share.  

Staying afloat during this period is essential. It will help you to prepare your marketing strategy. Ensure to work smarter in holding on to your existing customer until this is over. You can do this by trying to keep in touch with them. It is cheaper, and you can manage to send all of the automated emails from time to time.


Even if it ended today, no doubt that the coronavirus has left an indelible mark in history. But the question is, how will you cope with this situation? We have come across several effects of the virus on different industries and the marketing world. It is everyone’s wish and hopes the pandemic ends soon. We all need a return to the usual routines we have always grown to appreciate. Those with digital platforms, this is the right time to invest more in your digital marketing tactics and gain significant shares of your market.

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