Four Ways to use AI for Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has been a refreshing technology and blessing for a lot of people. It is a concept where you can just tell your computer, what to do, and the rest will be taken care of by the Artificial Intelligence technology. It is taking over the market and pushing the case for a large number of people to work smart, along with working hard. Having all these capabilities, AI remains a creation of the human. It does what it is told at a faster pace, so your instruction has to be spot-on. Artificial Intelligence is something that is also being used for decision-making tool. 

Businesses of all sizes, may it be a newly launched startup or an enterprise, have identified Artificial Intelligence as an ally in enhancing their marketing capabilities. The data that is structured in a messy manner that makes it hard for your computer to understand. Artificial Intelligence converts this data into a better format, which will make it easier to understand and process faster. According to research, about 72% of the marketers consider Artificial Intelligence has proven to be an advantage in business and marketing.

Why do these marketers have this idea, and how can Artificial Intelligence enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business processes, combined with other software being used and what will be used in the organization. 

Right Kind of Content:  

Content is king, but only it reached the right consumer. Having said that, how will we know which content should be used on what occasion? This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Even though AI is not yet capable of creating its own content, but it does a job that is equally as useful. It takes the historical data into account, along with other key point indicators, into consideration and lets you know what type of content is the viewer wants to see. 

Streaming companies like Netflix, YouTube, and others use the same Artificial Intelligence technology to give users the type of content that the user will look forward to seeing. This increases the chances of more viewership, as the user will not have to switch to another platform after getting the desired content.

Chatbot Interaction:

More engagement and interaction, more the chances to win the satisfaction of the user. You can interact with the user without even being available. How is this possible? By installing Chatbots. Some of the most common applications of ChatBots are on the website and Facebook platform, where there are predefined responses to some of the queries or actions that are recurring or commonly asked by the users. In most cases, the interaction is so genuine that the person cannot even guess that it was a chatbot, rather than a real person. It depends on how well the predefined queries have been setup.

To make things simple, you can set specific page redirection to the particular keywords used by the user. In case there is an unexpected query or a question asked, you can simply use a form, which will notify you via email or any other medium, what the user wants to know. You can respond yourself to the information they conveyed through the form that was filled by them.

Predicting Trends:

There are no certainties in life, but Artificial Intelligence gives us the next best thing. As much historical data it has collected and made a pattern, and it predicts the trends of the future. If the worth of one product or service is expected to go higher than something else, the marketing team of the organization would spend more effort on that, rather than spending the time on something that is not expected to go as higher.

You can get the required information via analytical tools or KPIs, from which you can judge in which direction the market is headed. Machine Learning, one of the branches of AI, is the perfect technology, with the right type of algorithms, forgetting the required outcome.

Campaign Approximation:

With the age of digital marketing and social media, it is all about reaching the people you manage to reach digitally. Being running a campaign or any inorganic means, you can judge the approximated outcome of the campaign, what type of audience it will reach, what kind of response is expected from them, and other things like that.

You can keep doing what you are doing and campaign in the same until there is an approximation that would predict a negative result about to occur before it happens. This entire campaign process will take place, according to the budget that you have to spend.


Artificial Technology is nothing when it is not integrated with any software or without the right direction from the users. Once it has both these available, it can be your partner in bringing you much ease in your day to day organization operations. We need to take advantage of this technology, if we are to stay relevant in the market, ahead of the other companies in the industry. This is called Adapting with time.

About Author:

Harper Torres is a Digital Content Producer at Creative Ideator, a software development company. She is well versed with the knowledge of technological trends, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things, and many more. She influences people through her impeccable Writing Skills and Engaging Content.