Errand Running Apps- The Best Revenue Model Explained

Errand Running Apps- The Best Revenue Model Explained

Having someone always finish your pending chores is a relief. Imagine you need to rush to work but the leakage with running water does not let you reach in time. Here comes the role of companies that run errand services

If you ever wondered how to start a business and put on that entrepreneurial hat, start with on demand services that every individual would need today. In earlier times without connectivity, there were a lot of things impossible to most people. Today, with the help of on-demand apps, technology has made a lot of things easier. 

From ordering food online, booking a cab, binge-watching, to grocery shopping everything is possible with one click. So when you think about completing the daily chores or work that needs immediate attention, availing assistance is not far fetched. 

So what do you think is errand running service and how to start an errand service as a startup idea? 

What is an Errand Running Service?

It is just what it sounds like, an errand running service offers help to people who are looking to get over with their errands and connect them with the right people who can provide them with the said task. 

That is the basic definition of errand services. There are a lot of different errand services that are running right now with unique solutions to people. Some of the well-known ones are TaskRabbit, Zaarly, Handyman, etc. TaskRabbit is one of the best and most commonly used errand service firms in the USA. 

Users can download the app and find immediate help with a number of the services like cleaning, packing and moving, grocery shopping, handyman work and lots more.

Let’s move to the next section.

How to Start An Errand Service?

  • Decide the service

If you are looking to start an errand service, the first thing you need to do is decide which errand service you want to launch or if you want to offer a whole lot of services to the target audience. 

  • Give a unique name

Give your brand a unique name so that more customers get attracted to your business. Your brand name will reflect what the business has to offer and should also be simple to remember. 

  • Legal

Once your business idea is finalized with the brand name, complete all the legal requirements with registering the business. It can boost your business image a lot more. Get going with the government approval number for your errand running business. 

  • Insurance

Insurance is a must for all the errand runners you provide to cater the target audience. Taking insurance ensures the natural circumstances that may occur or damage the business completely. 

  • Digital app development

There are multiple examples of errand services that have a digital mobile app to serve the people better. At this stage you can reach out to the best app development company who possess skill and experience to create a winning platform for your business. 

It may be hard to develop an app from scratch for any startup. So, to ease the stress, clone app development for your errand business is the best solution. Once you launch an app similar to any other errand running business, you can witness the graph of the business reaching greater heights. 

  • Launch the app

Once the clone app is developed, you can test and launch in the market as per the platform decided at the initial process. You can start marketing the app much prior and wait for the app to launch and see the results. 

So now that you know how to make a clone app, what business model would you prefer to increase the revenue of your business? Let’s have a look at it now. 

Revenue Model of Errand Service Business

To better understand what revenue model is preferable for the growth of your business, let’s take an example of TaskRabbit’s revenue model. 

To know the business model and how the errand services work to earn better profits, TaskRabbit has two segments for the platform. 


TaskPosters are people who need help to complete their task, and they are those customers who post their requirements on the app. This segment includes, 

  • People who want professional help for a reasonable amount of time. 
  • People who want the best professionals regularly and instantly. 
  • People who need convenience of the digital market.
  • People who need dependable aid for a long time with a thorough background check of the professional runners. 


Taskers are the people who sign-up with the top companies to finish the available tasks on a part-time or full-time basis. This segment includes, 

  • People who are out of job and looking to help others with their errands. 
  • People who are interested in working odd jobs for extra income.
  • Professionals looking for a platform to get work that enhance their capabilities.

These are the segments that benefit from TaskRabbit platform, let’s learn below how the model work.

Again, let’s consider TaskRabbit to understand the revenue model in an easy way. It generates revenue but charges a certain amount on every successful transaction that happens from the app. Before, TaskRabbit provided workforce to the local business and billed for taskers, but companies discontinued the services. At the moment, TaskRabbit charges on only successful transactions. 

The only best way possible to make more revenue is to create an app for your errand services. An app like TaskRabbit is already built, all you need is to search for a company that has its clone script to develop exactly an app like TaskRabbit. 

This way you can customize your app a little, change the design and color, add your brand logo to make it look as new as an app developed from scratch. Keep checking for updates if any and make the necessary changes accordingly. 

Keep the models as same as the app you choose as your clone so that people get attracted to download the new errand service app. The user experience is the most important part of any application and if that seems to be easy for any user, your business will receive new customers everyday. 


Developing an app for errand services is today’s on demand business that sounds very common and the best solution for startups. It is probably one of the best times to jump into the market with the idea of serving people whenever they need. However, do you have any idea of how to go ahead with that?

First and foremost thing is to ensure that you are providing a useful and unique solution to people struggling with daily errands. There is a lot of competition in this industry and the market is growing rapidly. 

By following the things mentioned above you can ensure to provide the target audience the best services on their plate. I recommend aPurple which is the best company to deliver you a clone solution for your mobile application to your errand running business.