Easy Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing for B2B

Easy Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing for B2B

In this fast-paced digital era, we need to understand the big picture when it comes to improving your digital marketing for B2B. We won’t be getting into the micro aspects of marketing your business like offering a giveaway, creating content, scheduling it for your social media, etc. However, in this article, we will discuss easy ways to improve your digital marketing for B2B that are crucial for generating leads and improving sales. 

So, let’s get to the point. 

Brand Positioning 

Let’s put this simply, brand positioning is the psychological positioning of your brand among your target audience about the core features, benefits, and attributes of your product/service. It’s more like owning a unique position in the target audience’s mind. Since it’s more of a psychological approach, with brand positioning you have to engage your customer at an emotional level. According to studies, 94% of your customers are more likely to recommend your brand, if you win at engaging your customers emotionally. 

Seeing your brand through the eyes of your customers is crucial when it comes to B2B marketing. It determines how your brand will impact your audience. Brand positioning greatly impacts all the aspects of your branding. 

Whether your target audience clicks on a website, visits your landing page, or checks your social media, great brand positioning helps you create a great and delightful experience for your customers. 

Here’s how your brand positioning should work 

  • Identify and study your target audience in detail 
  • Analyze how your brand is positioned currently 
  • See how each of your competitors is positioned in the market 
  • Come up with a value-based and distinct brand position idea 
  • Design a brand positioning statement 

The core things that you should consider to create a great brand position statement is, 

  • Target audience 
  • Market definition 
  • Brand promise 
  • Reason to believe 

Run a Competitive Market Analysis 

I think it should be your first strategy to look into when revamping your marketing tactics for B2B, or maybe you are just starting out with marketing strategies for the first time. There’s a reason why B2B companies have incredible success out there. To know all those reasons, you have to study and analyze the strategies they have in place. It’s more about identifying the strengths and the opportunities in the market. 

Rely on data when studying the market competition because numbers never lie. Find out what your core competitors are offering to your target audience. Here’s what the market competition analysis looks like, 

  1. Identify the core competitors 
  2. Determine the success metrics 
  3. Based on the data establish the conclusion 
  4. Plan and implement strategy accordingly 

When running a market competition take into consideration the following aspects. 

  • Study and analyze what products your competitor is offering 
  • Look into the sales tactics the competitor is implementing 
  • Analyze marketing channels 
  • Study content plans and strategies 

Invest in Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is huge! According to Statista, 67.9% of the companies with an employee headcount of more than 100 used influencer marketing, and the projected value for 2022 is 72.5% with no signs of slowing down. 

Choose microbloggers instead of influencers with a huge audience base because a study shows that businesses who partnered with micro-influencers create great results than those of a huge massive audience. 


Influencer marketing works in the same way as word out mouth marketing worked in the early days of the marketing industry. People love to get the sense of if your product/service works. When an influencer recommends a product/service your target customers feel confident about it and buy it without giving a second thought. Simply because they trust the influencer. This way you can put your product in front of your audience without spending so much money.

Pro-tip: Make sure you choose the right influencer who has the right audience you are looking for, otherwise the states won’t inspire you. 

Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and brand positioning might sound similar if you are a naive marketer. Brand awareness reveals how your target audience perceives your product/service whereas brand positioning includes key strategies and methods that you take to target your customer.  

If people do not know who you are, they will never buy from you. Brand awareness is all about telling who you are as a business, and what services/products you offer. It is the first step to the buying process that gauges your audience to help them know your brand better. 

Brand awareness should be your core focus in improving the digital presence of your B2B business in 2022. Get a little creative, improve the quality of content, design visuals and create appealing presentations using software for better brand awareness. 

Improving brand awareness ensures long-term loyalty and improves trust among your target audience. It strengthens long-term success. Humanize your brand to consistently create brand awareness among your target audience. Here’s what you can do. 

  • Socialize with your target audience 
  • Act like a person, and humanize your brand 
  • Be accessible and make sharing easy 
  • Tell a story, instead of selling a product/service

Optimize Website Load Speed

There is a lot to fix and optimize in 2022, and marketers need to take these things seriously because the attention span of a user is decreasing consistently which is just 8 seconds. The lesser the attention span, the harder it is to catch the audience’s attention. 

56% of marketers claim that optimizing your website speed is the key to an effective SEO strategy. If your website is sluggish it won’t just affect your SEO ranking but will also give a poor user experience. 

Your target audience is going to make an instant judgment based on how quickly your website loads, and it’s a pure psychological game. If it loads in microseconds they are going to have a strong first impression creating a win-win experience i.e trust, confidence, and loyalty. 

If you give your visitor what he is looking for, fast, he will definitely stick around. From visitors’ perspective here’s what they expect when it comes to website load speed:

47% of the audience want your website to load within 2 seconds, and if it takes longer than 3 seconds, they will abandon it all. 

Focus on designing user-friendly websites to give an incredible user experience. A sluggish website results in an instant drop-off in the short run, while in the long run, it will diminish your consistent growth and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for B2B lead generation. It has 66.8 million active users as of 2022 and is one of the sought-after tools for businesses. It’s where you can find your next potential buyer or business partner who is already on the buyer journey. 

Unlike, Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram, where users log in to see cute couple pictures or find out the latest fashion trends, people flock to LinkedIn for pure professional intentions. They might be looking to learn strategies for the successful launch of their new SaaS products, or for career training tips. On LinkedIn, you have any audience that you want to target or any industry experts that you want to connect with. 

Today marketers use LinkedIn as an advanced outbound sales generating tool. 49% of the marketers claim that LinkedIn is one of the best marketing tools, particularly for video content. Again, identifying your target audience is the key because not everyone on LinkedIn might be your potential lead. Use the filters provided by LinkedIn to narrow down your target audience. 

Let’s look at the example below. As a B2B business if you want to target digital marketing agencies go to the search bar, type in ‘digital marketing agencies’, and then click on a filter to find your specific target audience based on location, industry, size, etc. 


The power of digital marketing is huge for B2B. Leverage all the best platforms and follow proven marketing strategies to improve your customer base, generate leads, and improve sales for your B2B business. 

Careful digital marketing is the key to a successful business in 2022. Follow the above-mentioned ways to scale your business. Do you think we have missed any strategies? Let us know in the comment section.