Earn Quality Backlinks With This Link Building Checklist

Do you think link building is an old school SEO technique?

If so, you are making a grave mistake. 

It’s 2022, and Google has revealed that link building still remains one of the top 3 ranking factors. In fact, one should look for advanced link building services to make the most out of it.

Strategic link building campaigns should be a significant component of your digital marketing plan. If we talk about the most effective organic way to drive traffic to a website, link building is the one. 

Don’t exercise forged link purchasing to manipulate the search engines. 

Remember, search engines are way smarter than us! 

If you opt for any unethical measure, in no time, your website will lose visibility, and you will be out of the race. 

No one wants that. Right? 

So, here we will discuss how proper link building approaches can gain your website more traffic and help build the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your business in the long term. 

Why Is Link Building Still Important? 

Link building has been a prevailing ritual for SEO and will continue to be the same in the coming time. But, it is 2022, and building backlinks is no more a white-bread task following the conventional rules. You need to put real effort to garner the outcome of creating links. 

Now, the importance of backlinks – 

Google changes its algorithm now and then to make the search engine more sophisticated with each passing day. 

You know Google play for keeps! 

But, although Google continues to alter the algorithms, it has to rely on the users and their recommendations to determine what type of content is getting appreciated in the market. This is the point where link building acts as the saviour. Backlinks bridge the gap between Google’s intent to understand the users’ mind and what actually the users are searching for. 

Besides, helping out Google, effective backlink creation has proved to be quite useful for the websites. 


Here is the list – 

  • Proper link building brings you referral traffic (of course from quality sites) 
  • Google spiders find your website pages 
  • Creating backlinks is your reputation building tool 
  • Google trusts you more 
  • Relevant backlinks hike the credibility of your site 

Each of the above points is quite important for ranking your website on the search engine result page (SERP). 

In the forthcoming sections, we will delve into the advanced link building tactics, as the title of the article reads. 

Claim Unlinked Brand Mentions 

Brand words illustration

Is your brand popular? 

If so, you will find people talking about your product or service somewhere on the web. For instance, someone has mentioned your company name in a blog or any social media post. That’s when your brand is cited or mentioned. But, even though your brand has been cited, there is no link back to your website. 

Now, what to do? 

Even if unlinked, Google gives value to brand mentions. But, links are important from the SEO perspective as the primary must-do off-page work. 

So, we need links from the mentions like citations and images to build the website’s authority. Thus, you can generate new backlinks by claiming your brand mentions on the web. 

Reclaim Lost Links 

You can lose a link in a number of ways. Check the typical reasons – 

  • Your link has been removed by the author from the linking page 
  • 404 error,i.e., the linking page no longer exists 
  • 301 error,i.e., the linking page gets redirected 
  • Google has non-indexed the linking page 

It is to be noted that, even if a page is no longer indexed by Google, the page is technically not lost. It exists. But, as the page is not indexed, it does not hold much value. 

Now, your task is to understand for which reason you have lost the link. Then only, you can take appropriate action. 

You can find the lost links from Site Explorer. To reclaim the lost links, first fix the internal broken links. After cleaning up the broken links of your own website, you have to reclaim the external lost backlinks. For external links, there is nothing much that you can do as it depends on the other website’s content and link strategies. 

Reverse Guest Post 

You know about guest posts. Right? 

So, what can be a reverse guest post? 

It’s just the opposite. In the case of a reverse guest post, you can ask popular bloggers to offer content on your website. It simply means, instead of writing guest posts on other site, make your site available to the expert content producers to promote their blogs or articles. 

Isn’t that great? 

You actually have to work much less. 

The reason – you are the owner! 

You are on the publishing end. Do you realise that? 

The roles just got reversed – The blogger will do the writing, the blogger will promote the content. 

Now, that’s beneficial. 


As the content is published on your website, definitely, the content promotion will bring your site to some fresh pair of eyes. Moreover, your readers will enjoy reading the guest contents on a number of topics that you have never talked about. On the whole, your website will gain a refreshing perspective. 


Being a part of generation X, we are all into a rat race. We are always abandoned with all the resources in the world. The only thing that we lack is time and patience. It is really hard for us to exist in the competitive world and go through a 4000-word content to gather the information. 

So, what can be the solution? 

Here is the answer – a well-done infographic. 


Humans are visual beings, and infographics can act as the visual stimuli. 

Do you know you can grow your website traffic miraculously with infographics? 

Infographics are effective in capturing the attention of the readers. You can communicate the entire information in an indicative and persuasive way. The infographics are engaging, and thus the audience tends to absorb your message better. 

Infographic is a part of visual content marketing. And being a visual content, it is likely to be shared much more than any other content type. Additionally, over 41% of the marketers have revealed that infographics perform the best in the visual sharing of information. And if you think of link creation, optimised infographic can be an excellent source of backlinks to your website. 

Closing Thought 

As you know, website visibility is everything that you need. And, in order to be visible to your audience, you have to outrank your industry competitors. Proper link building strategy can create a strong foundation for your website, which is indeed necessary if you want to increase the authoritativeness of your website. Along with link building strategy, your site needs robust SEO approaches to improve the user experience and usability of your website. You can hire the best SEO company in Melbourne who will first analyse your online business objectives and then craft the blueprint to uplift your website ranking. If you are in Sydney, choose a prominent agency offering the best SEO services in Sydney. Surely, you will benefit from their strategies and witness a rising profit margin of your business. 

Author Bio:

Harshal Shah is CEO at Elsner Technologies Pty. Ltd. Elsner is an offshore eCommerce Website Design, SEO Company in Sydney and Melbourne specializing in Magento development, Web design & Custom Mobile App.